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How does mesenchymal stem cell therapy work?

Explore the intricate workings of mesenchymal stem cell therapy, its regenerative potential, and its promising applications in medical science.

By Avatantika SinghPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

The mesenchymal stem cells have non-immunological properties. This means they have not been exposed to any immunological irritants or allergens. Thus, mesenchymal stem cells are actively considered for transplant patients. Mesenchymal stem cell therapy has actively been accepted in medical society due to its various advantages. The mesenchymal stem cells help accelerate regeneration, helping the patient heal faster.

What are the advantages of mesenchymal stem cell therapy?

The mesenchymal stem cell is directly derived from the baby's umbilical cord. When this cord is clamped during parturition, the gynecologist puts it in an umbilical cord storage container, from where it is directly transported to the cord blood bank.

The cells extracted from this umbilical cord can benefit the baby and related blood relatives, such as siblings. The advantages of mesenchymal stem cell therapy include the following-

  • The mesenchymal stem cells are multipotent. This means that they have the potential to develop into multiple different cells present in the body. Since they are highly active, they can easily mature to form almost any body cell, such as cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.

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Due to this, they help in extensive repair in a shorter period. In case of an injury, these cells are directly injected into the injury site, where they rapidly transform into the affected tissue to cover up the damage.

  • Since the mesenchymal stem cells are not affected by immunological agents, there is no need to administer immunosuppression drugs. On administration, they do not cause inflammation or harmful effects.
  • The mesenchymal stem cells can control the effects of proliferation.
  • This is actively used in cases of inflammatory diseases such as osteoarthritis. In such cases, the stem cells are directly injected into the target site, where they transform to form bones and muscles. Since they have anti-inflammatory properties, the inflammation around the target site is reduced drastically.
  • In most cases, mesenchymal stem cells are used in the same patient. In this case, they share the same genetic material, meaning the chances of rejection are almost non-existent.
  • The mesenchymal stem cells have high therapeutic potential. They can help cure more than 80 diseases, including cancer, immune disorders, blood diseases, etc.

How can one do stem cell treatment in India?

There are various stem cell blood banks in India where people can register during pregnancy. Select a blood bank that offers the best services and top-level technology for storage units and is also cost-efficient at the same time.

Here are some steps you can follow to explore stem cell treatment options in India:

  1. Research and gather information: Start by researching and gathering information about stem cell bank in India. Look for reputable hospitals or clinics that have experience in regenerative medicine and offer stem cell therapies. You can search online, consult medical directories, or seek recommendations from healthcare professionals.
  2. Consultation and evaluation: Once you have identified potential treatment centers, schedule a consultation with a healthcare provider or specialist at the facility. During the consultation, discuss your medical condition, understand the suitability of stem cell therapy for your specific case, and learn about the potential benefits, risks, and limitations of the treatment.
  3. Choose a reliable treatment center: Consider factors such as the expertise and experience of the medical team, the facility's track record in stem cell treatments, the availability of appropriate infrastructure, and the clinic's adherence to ethical and safety standards. It's crucial to choose a reliable and reputable treatment center to ensure the quality and safety of the procedure.
  4. Medical evaluation and eligibility: Based on your medical condition, the treatment center will conduct a thorough medical evaluation to determine your eligibility for stem cell therapy. They will review your medical history, perform diagnostic tests, and assess the suitability of stem cell treatment for your specific case. This evaluation is necessary to ensure that the treatment is safe and appropriate for you.
  5. Treatment plan and consent: If you are deemed eligible for stem cell therapy, the treatment center will develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs. They will explain the procedure, potential outcomes, and any associated risks or side effects. You will be asked to provide informed consent before proceeding with the treatment.
  6. Treatment procedure: The actual stem cell treatment procedure will depend on your specific condition and the chosen approach by the medical team. It may involve extracting stem cells from your own body (autologous transplantation) or using donor cells (allogeneic transplantation). The cells may be administered via injection, infusion, or localized delivery, as determined by the medical team.
  7. Post-treatment care and follow-up: After the stem cell treatment, the medical team will provide instructions for post-treatment care and follow-up. This may include monitoring your progress, managing any potential side effects, and recommending rehabilitation or supportive therapies to optimize the outcomes of the treatment.


The mesenchymal stem cells can prove to be highly beneficial for you & your baby. Thus, make sure to select a stem cell blood bank that suits your needs the best. You must also check out Cryoviva biotech, a reliable cord blood bank in India. They offer the best services at an affordable rate.

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