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How an ordinary person can achieve their own wealth counterattack

Navigating the Path to Financial Wisdom: Understanding Money and Pursuing Timeless Success

By tonyPublished 6 months ago 4 min read
How an ordinary person can achieve their own wealth counterattack
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When we understand wealth,

First, we need to have a basic concept:

What exactly is money?

Let's assume we are exiled to a deserted island

With only a bank card with a 1 million yuan limit in our pocket

But we have no fishing net or lighter

So what we want to earn is not money itself

But what comes after money—resources, products, services, status.

Many influential people,

Even if their cash income is not high,

They can still enjoy these things behind the scenes.

For ordinary people like us,

We don't need to consider survival skills on a deserted island

Nor do we need to fantasize about accessing good social resources.

For ordinary people, understanding how money is generated is important.

All resources are limited

They don't appear out of thin air.

Our money is used as a medium of exchange.

If everyone is making money,

They certainly want to acquire better resources.

So, are resources created out of thin air?

Actually, they are not.

The extra money comes from the development of natural resources,

The input of labor,

And the elements brought by technological advancements.

In the long history of hundreds of thousands of years,

The majority of wealth has been created in the past 300 years due to technological advancements.

The total wealth of human society is around 300-400 trillion US dollars.

Over 200 trillion of that is land and real estate.

The total market capitalization of global securities markets is approximately 70-90 trillion US dollars.

Cash, currency, and others account for around 30 trillion US dollars.

The total market value of gold is approximately 7-9 trillion.

And there are other assets such as cryptocurrencies.

The past decade has been a dividend period for consensus economies.

The whole society is actually dynamically competing for various resources.

Understanding how the interests of the entire society are distributed is particularly important.

The control of land resources in real estate lies in the hands of the government, and it also occupies the highest share of public funds.

When it comes to buying houses and investments, you only need to achieve a score of 80.

You need to put in little effort,

And it's a one-time effort.

But reaching a level above 90 is very difficult,

And most people end up devaluing their returns due to excessive but not deep enough investment.

Business is a matter of input and output because business gains profits through transactions between supply and demand.

Consensus economies can quickly accumulate assets,

Allowing those who participate to rapidly increase their wealth,

Just like the rapidly developing economies in the past,

Everyone participating can experience great material abundance.

Capital is concentrated in consensus economies,

Talents are concentrated in high-paying industries,

Leading to a lack of development space for small and micro-enterprises,

And ordinary people have limited opportunities to acquire wealth.

Therefore, the largest employers in the current market are platforms like Meituan and Didi.

For the majority of people,

The problem now is not how high the upper limit can be, but that the lower limit is too low.

Every few years, opportunities emerge in society.

We see those once glorious tycoons

Each time, they come out and declare that they must seize the opportunity.

Search, mobile internet, smartphones, new energy vehicles, blockchain, Web3,

AI has made ordinary people excited as well.

Every major innovation

Certainly comes from major changes in productivity.

The opportunities hidden within are enormous.

For imaginative people,

They can envision the future in advance,

And are willing to seize such opportunities.

But such opportunities also come with risks

Because the competition is fierce,

Only a few players survive in the end.

The problem most of us encounter is that the lower limit of our lives is too low,

Not that the upper limit is insufficiently high.

Because what you currently possess can also be lost.

So what you need to do is find a way of living that won't be jeopardized by changing circumstances.

Chasing after trends is not the best strategy to solve this problem.

The essential course that many people lack is how to master a livelihood skill that can never be taken away from them.

If you haven't seized any dividends yet,

Don't harbor any illusions.

Find your position,

Identify something that can sustain your life.

If you have already seized some dividends,

Make sure to steer them towards asset appreciation.

Invest in well-located properties, stocks of good companies,

And high-quality crypto assets.

Take the time to master them,

After all, the dividends of the times are often deduced by later arrivals, and only a few can truly understand them when immersed in them.

We should pursue things that remain constant,

Even as the times, society, and environment change.

If everyone can learn them without considering individual traits,

Then what must be learned is:

Doing the right things,

Doing the right things,

And it must be mastered through reverse thinking,

That is, not doing the wrong things.

Not doing the wrong things has three meanings:

You must do something, figure it out first, and then do it.

When we have nothing, we need to adhere to the first rule, which is to find something that we can understand.

For certain things, if you haven't figured them out yet, don't do anything.

When we have some capital and face many temptations, thinking that we can do many things, we must remain vigilant.

If you realize it's wrong, regardless of the cost you have already incurred, stop it promptly.

When you have achieved some success and have ingrained thinking, maintain dynamic observation.

If you make the wrong decisions and take the wrong actions,

Or if there is a change in the major trend,

Take decisive action to intervene in things that will affect further development.

In the torrent of the times, we are all vulnerable,

But we always have choices in determining what kind of person we want to be.


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