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How American thrift stores compare to foreign thrift's

There are subtle differences

By Anna cruzPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
How American thrift stores compare to foreign thrift's
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I went to a thrift store in Puerto Rico, which is an American territory. It had an urban vibe to it. It was located in the industrial area of San Juan, a lot of warehouses, and near the seaport. It had a cool vibe to the thrift with fancy dresses on mannequins in the front. A lot of jeans by Gloria Vanderbilt, Express, and the Gap. Lots of blouses by Express and ann Taylor Loft and HM. It makes me think that this thrift was more selective in its brands of clothing because nearly everything was a well-known brand. They had a back section mainly books in Spanish, some English titles. Music selection with Spanish titles and electronics like vintage stereos. I liked the store it was clean and it had a boutique feel to it.

In contrast, some countries abroad like in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia have outdoor flea markets or bazaars where people go for goods and money. These outdoor thrift stores are popular with people buying both the new and old items out in the open. In African nations, Imports of American clothing has created a secondary clothing business model that is popular in African nations. Some of the African factories cannot compete with the imports of American clothing coming into open-air shops. In some places like South Africa, they have American-style thrift shops but some of them call them junk shops.

In Dubai, in the Middle East there are some high-end luxury jewelry shops like Riot, common faces, essii store, flamingos vintage, e-vintage, just to name a few. Dubai has many high-end luxury thrift shops according to Cosmopolitanme.com

in Europe, thrift stores are known as junk shops or charity shops.

In the UK, they are popular and on every corner of every High Street in the UK. The larger city centers offer more selections than smaller thift’s on the outskirts of the UK.

In Germany, thrift stores are not as popular as in the UK and USA. There are not many thrift stores in Germany only in Berlin where the young genzee's pay more for some name brands. Clothing is expensive in Germany. In Germany, thrift stores are very organized and are placed by size, and color.

In France, especially in Paris, you will see lots of luxury vintage Couture to cheap thrift clothing called fripperies. Some thrift stores in France are Croix Rouge, (red Cross), Emmaus, ding fring.

In Italy, popular thrift stores are located all over Italy. Some of the popular thrifts are Flamingo vintage, moll flanders, mercuto monti, king-size vintage, le vesti de Messalina, Pifebo, Pifebo kilo, Blue Goose vintage, pulp are just a few of the thrifts.

In China, thrift shopping is not popular due to the Superstition of wearing other’s clothing, Their Fear of counterfeit, and the lack of sustainability in clothing. It is rare to find a thrift store in China but some of the younger generations is bringing back thrift stores to China.

Thrift stores in India are popular and seemed to have grown during the pandemic. Some Indian thrifts upcycle items for resale like the thrift stores, Flippitt, and Lush thrift.

In most countries shopping Thrift is popular no matter if it's halfway around the world. The concept of thrift will remain popular. As long as everyone can get a great deal, the thrift store model will remain popular in the USA and around the world. Although, European, African, Middle Eastern country's stores may differ from American thrifts. The concept and thrift model is basically the same as in the USA

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