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House left you leave, as compensation for my son, the woman: you net out of the family

I wonder if you still remember when everyone first fell in love with someone? The early stage of love is always very beautiful, in each other's hearts, each other is the most beautiful existence in the world.

By Luo re LuoPublished about a year ago 7 min read

I wonder if you still remember when everyone first fell in love with someone? The initial stage of love is always very good, in each other's hearts, each other is the most beautiful existence in the world.

But the feeling of love does not last a lifetime, with time, no matter how good the feelings are, there may be a day to disappear.

When I was young and did not know any better, only after twenty years old, I resolutely chose to marry my current husband, at that time I thought my husband was good there, immersed in love, but simply could not extricate themselves, the idea was very simple, I think I love this person, the other party must also love me, we two can also be so happy for life, will not be disturbed.

When I was dying to marry my husband, the family was unanimously opposed, but I could not listen to anything, even if they all said that the husband's family is so poor, but also no motivation, not a suitable person for marriage, I do not care, I love this person, not money.

I do not know how I thought, anyway, is to get married, as if compelled, no matter how many people around me prevent me from getting married, I do not agree, but because they stop, I also drum more firmly to marry my husband's idea, they were saying the last words are, I will regret after marriage, but at that time I do not believe at all.

Because my husband's family is too poor, even the money to do the wedding is not, we finally just called some relatives, went to a cheap restaurant to eat a meal, the wedding can not do, not to mention that they can not have the money to buy a house, my parents are afraid that after I get married aggrieved, so their own money to buy us a wedding house.

Although I am not an obedient and filial daughter, after all, she is her daughter, so my parents still paid for me. Fortunately, after marriage, my husband seemed like a changed person, began to become very motivated, and work hard to support our family, for my parents to give us a house, is also very touching, but also very good to me, knowing that I suffered.

At that time, he said almost every day, after the money will let me when the happiest woman in the sky, I was also very happy, I think I did not look away, this man is good, after the marriage, we hate a piece of money are broken into two halves to spend, after the marriage, I never spend money, new clothes never buy, will not buy cosmetics or bags, I do so for a very simple. I hope to ease the financial burden on my husband.

At that time, our life was very plain, even going on a date just to walk in the park, and eat a few dollars of street food, but very happy. After a few years, my husband's job took off and he started to make money, which brought me a much better life than before, but I was used to scrimping and saving, and I didn't know how to dress. I didn't expect my husband to start to dislike me because of this.

The fact is that you will not even want to come home every day, and more than once I said I was a yellow-faced woman, his job is always to go out to socialize, around the inevitable will be around very many beautiful women. Men are unable to resist temptation, he is also the same. He is also the same as many rich men, looking for a so-called lover outside, the woman I later met, young and beautiful, and I am simply heaven and earth. At first, I did not know that my husband cheated on me until later my husband always came home in the middle of the night.

There are traces of lipstick on the collar, and he also lied to me and said it was not just a customer, I feel suspicious, once waited in his company downstairs, wanting to know what he went to do after work. So a series of tracking for a few days, finally I found him and the woman cuddled together in the hotel scene. But my whole person is about to faint, why is this, I paid for him all the youth, he is so back to me. The man with money becomes bad, there is no exception.

But at that time, for the sake of the children, for the sake of the family, I chose to put up with it, pretending not to know about it, one day I sent the children to school, and halfway to find something forgotten at home, so I temporarily returned home and saw my husband led that woman into the house. He also saw me but did not feel guilty at all. He also said to me: "Since you saw it can not be helped, I can not stand to face you all day long this yellow face, only thirty, looks like forty or fifty middle-aged women, every time you lie in a bed with you, I feel sick to my stomach. Divorce, I like someone else, I also do not need to live with you, boring through."

My husband's words made me desperate, I thought he was just a momentary novelty to cheat, and will eventually return to the family, but now he told me to divorce. What has my ten years of dedication become? I'm not sure what I'm talking about. I was going to say no, but I didn't expect my mother-in-law to come out of nowhere.

"The first thing you need to do is to find a mirror and see what you look like, what makes you worthy of my excellent son, my son is right, you should get a divorce. The house is quite good, let my son and his lover live in the future."

The face of the mother-in-law's unreasonable, I really can not stand it, they took me as what exactly? The first is wrong, but also want my house? The house has appreciated rapidly in the past few years and is a school district house, that has been worth millions.

"The house is yours if you want me to give you a house. If you don't have it, don't think about my house, I just bought it now, and it won't be cheap for you. Divorce is divorce, who is afraid of who ah, do not forget, who is the party at fault, I already have the evidence, you just wait for me." After I said that, I drove them all out.

But after they left, I also cried, my youth of so many years was just gone. Later, my husband and I divorced, my husband was the party at fault, the court awarded all the property to me, and my husband could only leave my home with my mother-in-law in the dust.

I heard that later before the husband and lover almost married, the lover cheated on his family with all the money away, the husband also because of the style, affected the image of the company was dismissed from the company, and the family is now living a very miserable. I feel very happy, this is called God has eyes, evil has evil retribution.


No money when we think about how to earn money, how to live a better life, but after the money, the human heart will gradually be eroded by desire, and even forget about the people who once said that they were in trouble together.

Since a good commitment, you should go to achieve, not after a long time, when the previous commitment is not counted. This is a very heartless behavior.


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