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Horror movies improve your health for these seven reasons

Several university studies around the world affirm that watching horror movies benefits mental and physical health

By Shah HussainPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Horror movies improve your health for these seven reasons
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Horror movies strengthen health in addition to entertaining

Watching horror movies provides several benefits that you would never have imagined.

Here are 7 benefits that can bring you the creepiest stories.

#1.They make you think

The Perfection, 2018

Generally speaking, horror movies have twisted plots that are difficult to understand. The elements involved in a horror movie act as a stimulus and evoke activity in your brain, making you think. Horror movies release neurotransmitters that increase brain activity, making you decipher the most sophisticated plots of the most twisted genre movies.

#2.You experience success

Scream, 1996

One of the most incredible benefits of horror movies is that they make you experience success. If you voluntarily choose a sophisticated horror movie you will exercise your brain to understand it and you will feel stressful sensations while watching it. Experiencing great scares lifts your mood and helps you feel better about yourself. After living a terrifying experience you will feel a fabulous sense of success.

#3.Strengthens the immune system

Last nigh in Soho, 2021

Watching horror movies strengthens the immune system and prepares the body for difficult situations. A horror movie drives adrenaline into the body, just as it does when running a race, activating the immune system. A recent study showed that people who watched horror movies frequently had an increase in white blood cells.

#4.Anxiety control

Insidious, 2010

The problem of anxiety is now one of the most common mental disorders in the world for which psychiatric diagnosis and medication is necessary. In the search for courses to alleviate anxiety, experts have found that watching horror movies helps people cope with anxiety. According to Dr. Mathias Clasen, from the University of Aarhus, Denmark "Watching a horror movie is a voluntary act and in controlled circumstances it will make someone feel safe compared to the dangers of the real world". Just like riding a roller coaster, people with anxiety feel better watching horror movies with another person knowing that they are going through the same thing together. Horror movies are not a cure for anxiety, but they can be a useful tool for managing it.

#5.They make you lose weight

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, 1987

Horror movies generate such strong sensations that they make you lose weight. Watching a movie of this genre is equivalent to a 30-minute walk and burns the same amount of calories. This type of movie can cause you to gain 200 calories per hour. Dr. Richard McKenzie, senior lecturer and specialist in cellular metabolism and physiology at the University of Westminster, Great Britain explains the process: "As the pulse quickens and blood flows throughout the body faster, the body experiences an increase in adrenaline. It is this fast-acting release of adrenaline, produced during short bursts of intense stress that reduces appetite, increases the basal metabolic rate and ultimately burns a higher level of calories."

#6-Helps to overcome past traumas that live in the subconscious mind

Dream Demon, 1988

A report published by the magazine 'Horror Studies' states that horror movies help to overcome past traumas that dwell in the subconscious mind. These types of movies expose tragic situations that later become traumas. The plot of a movie is about overcoming that trauma, something that eventually happens in slasher movies. The protagonist girl experiences terrible circumstances and finally survives, that's why she is called the final girl.

Many horror movie traumas are analogous to real life traumas. The brain recognizes them in a horror movie and starts working to resolve them.

#7.Increases ability to cope with extreme situations

Pet Sematary (1989)

This benefit is the most fabulous of all: talent for solving extreme situations. Apparently DNA loves horror movies, as your brain will work hard to solve the problems it is seeing in these movies. The more horror movies you watch, the better trained your brain will be to successfully deal with the most difficult situations that can be experienced in reality.


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