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Her husband's business failed and he was in debt, so she secretly made a decision...

Husband's business failed

By davidPublished about a year ago 13 min read

When she sold the big house and moved out of the high-end community, Tian Miaomiao saw her 15-year-old daughter Lily turned around and secretly wiped her tears, so she hugged her daughter and said softly, "Good days and bad days will pass, and good days will not be publicized. , do not complain in bad days."

Husband Huang Xin has been running several express hotels. The business has been good these years, but Huang Xin is not satisfied. He has always dreamed of owning the largest star-rated hotel in this city, so he reached a consensus with a real estate boss, and the real estate The owner built a big hotel, and he renovated and operated it. After the hotel was built, in order to raise funds, he transferred the express hotel in his hand to others, and invested his family savings into it.

Unexpectedly, halfway through the renovation of the hotel, the funds still couldn’t keep up, and the renovation was reluctantly completed. After opening, the business was bleak. The monthly loan, employee salaries, water and electricity bills, and decoration arrears were borrowed from relatives and friends. The money made Huang Xin so anxious that he couldn't sleep all night.

In the end, the unpaid employees held banners and blocked their doorsteps. Bank staff came to "visit" three times and five times and issued ultimatums. Even former friends turned their faces.

Tian Miaomiao works in a company. She is indifferent and indifferent to the world. In her spare time, she grows flowers, reads books, and writes articles. She did not expect such a life to come to an abrupt end.

The hotel collapsed, and Huang Xin, who was in debt of tens of millions, collapsed. He was afraid of light, wind, and sound all day long.

She couldn't fall, and neither could Huang Xin. If the business fails, it can make a comeback, Tian Miaomiao thought.

But Huang Xin is now at home screaming that her chest is tight, her back is tight, and her hands and feet are numb. Tian Miaomiao took Huang Xin to see the doctor. They checked from head to toe. No organic lesions were found. All doctors suggested that Huang Xin should exercise more, get more sun exposure, and have more contact with people. Because Huang Xin suffered from depression.

Huang Xin took a lot of medicine every day, but she was still depressed and sighed, and she didn't even want to say a word all day long.

At this time, a client of Tian Miaomiao's company committed suicide by jumping off the building due to bankruptcy. Tian Miaomiao felt chills when she heard the news, she decided to retire, because she loves Huang Xin and must make Huang Xin better.

see a doctor

Every morning, Tian Miaomiao always crept up to cook breakfast for her daughter, for fear of waking Huang Xin. In fact, after Huang Xin became ill, Tian Miaomiao's sleep also became poor, and she had to wake up several times at night to see what Huang Xin was doing.

Once she slept in the middle of the night, when she opened her eyes and saw Huang Xin, she was startled, but saw Huang Xin sitting alone in the living room smoking a cigarette.

This small and old house was bought in the first few years of their marriage, and it has been vacant. Of course, it is not as good as the big house with a yard that they lived in before, but no matter how good or bad it is, the days will not come. Tian Miaomiao put some flowers on the balcony, put a rocking chair, and tidy up the room as warm and tidy as possible.

Tian Miaomiao saw that Huang Xin's western medicine did not work well, so she inquired about good doctors of traditional Chinese medicine. She heard from a friend that there was a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in Beijing who was good at depression, so she accompanied Huang Xin to Beijing. But after arriving in Beijing, the seven-day number has been hung up, and I can only wait until seven days later.

During this period, Huang Xin left the familiar environment and became restless, roaring at Tian Miaomiao at every turn, and Tian Miaomiao responded with a smile. In the end, the waiter in the hotel couldn't stand it anymore, and couldn't help but quietly persuaded Tian Miaomiao: "Sister, you must have a bottom line and not be too weak."

Tian Miaomiao didn't explain, just nodded with a smile, and said vaguely, "Yes, yes, you can't be too weak."

Finally, hang up the number, can see the doctor.

When the Chinese medicine prescribed Chinese medicine to Huang Xin, he said: "This disease requires patience, and the recovery is very slow."

Tian Miaomiao thought to herself that she had the patience to accompany Huang Xin to fight the disease, and she would definitely win.

The Chinese medicine explained to her again, which herbs need to be soaked in warm water for half an hour before being boiled, which ones need to be soaked in wine, which ones need to be mashed before boiling, and which dietary taboos, Tian Miaomiao wrote down them one by one.

After returning, Huang Xin listened to the "beep" sound from the pot on the gas stove every day, smelled the smell of herbs in the room, and watched Tian Miaomiao's busy figure, and felt a little moved in her heart.

Huang Xin knew in her heart that her wife was trying her best to help her get better. Tian Miaomiao always comforts him, you are just sick, this disease is like a cold, it will pass quickly. Huang Xin thought hard: I want to work hard to get better, for my wife and daughter.

However, he seems to be walking in a dark tunnel, his mood is constantly low, he is not interested in doing anything, and what he eats is not tasty. When he was irritable, after he lost his temper at Tian Miaomiao, he felt infinite resentment towards himself. He was so incompetent, how could he live a good life like this.

Although Tian Miaomiao kept guiding him to come out, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't come out.


Summer vacation is here, Tian Miaomiaoyuan's cousin in Shenzhen is getting married and invites them to the wedding.

Tian Miaomiao's younger brother, Tian Doudou, called and said that he had half a month's annual leave, and while his cousin got married, he could drive a business car with the family for a trip. Tian Miaomiao and her daughter were very excited and planned a play route with her younger brother's family.

Huang Xin was also infected by the emotions of his wife and children, and even had a slight expectation for the trip. Maybe go for a walk and you'll get better.

The first stop of their trip was a summer resort. It was getting late, everyone was hungry, and Huang Xin felt hungry too.

They asked for a table of food in the pavilion next to the creek, listening to the sound of the creek and blowing the cool mountain wind, everyone ate happily. However, when Huang Xin ate the food in his mouth, he had no taste at all. Seeing other people eating with relish, he became depressed and began to hate himself again: he couldn't sleep all day, he couldn't eat, he couldn't live as well. a pig.

At this time, Tian Doudou drank two taels of wine and said to Huang Xin: "Brother-in-law, I have been holding back something for a long time. You, a big man, have encountered something, so you should lie down first. I think you are not sick. It's hypocrisy!"

Huang Xin listened, lowered her face, put down her chopsticks, turned her head and went back to the room. Tian Miaomiao chased after her, but Huang Xin ignored her, lying on the bed and closed her eyes. In order to make Huang Xin happy, Tian Miaomiao told a joke. Unexpectedly, when Huang Xin roared "Go away", Tian Miaomiao quickly shut up.

Tian Miaomiao knew that the more angry and irritable Huang Xin became, the weaker she actually became, and the more she felt sorry for him.

Huang Xin's mind was in a mess. In fact, he also wanted to control his emotions, but he couldn't control them at all. He felt that Tian Doudou was right, he was a big old man, he just fell down when something happened, he was simply not a person, and he decided not to drag Tian Miaomiao any more.

That night, Huang Xin listened to the dog barking outside, the wind, and the snoring next door, and lost sleep again.

Maybe Tian Miaomiao was too tired during the day, so she slept soundly all night. When she opened her eyes in the morning, she habitually touched Huang Xin, but she saw no one, so she jumped off the bed immediately, only to see Huang Xin left a note on the table: I'll go back first, let's get a divorce!

Tian Miaomiao found her younger brother and showed Tian Doudou the note. Tian Doudou muttered: "I think he is hypocritical, there is no such disease in the world, and the investigation can't find out the problem, and he will die at home all day long. Sister, don't worry about him, let's continue to play."

Tian Miaomiao said while packing her luggage, "You don't understand your brother-in-law's pain. He is indeed ill. I have to go back. He needs me. You and Lily should be considered representatives of my cousin's wedding."

In fact, these days, Tian Doudou has been worrying about her sister. Her husband has made such a big hole. How can her always weak sister withstand such a blow, and how can she support this crumbling home?

He didn't expect that Tian Miaomiao would not cry or make trouble, just as before, living a normal life and running the house. Tian Doudou admires her sister from the bottom of her heart, and feels that she has a kind of power, which may be the power of love.


Back home, it was already dark, Huang Xin did not turn on the light, sitting in the dark smoking a cigarette. Tian Miaomiao felt distressed for a while, thinking that he probably hadn't eaten all day, so he turned around and went to the kitchen, boiled a bowl of porridge, brought it out, and coaxed Huang Xin to drink it.

Huang Xin's eyes turned red, and Tian Miaomiao said, "I can't talk nonsense again in the future. We will never be separated, and life will definitely get better."

That night, Huang Xin fell asleep quickly, but Tian Miaomiao couldn't sleep for a long time. She stared at the ceiling, thinking about how to really get out of the predicament.

The money from the sale of the house has basically paid off the debt, and he will only get his salary within a month, which is barely enough to support his living. If Huang Xin gets better and wants to start a career, what should he do if he doesn't even have the starting capital?

Tian Miaomiao suddenly remembered that when the days were good, Huang Xin gave her tens of thousands of yuan in pocket money every month. She didn't like famous brands, and she didn't buy luxury goods. inside.

Since the accident at home, in the past year, she has not even opened her account, and she almost forgot about the investment in her daily life.

Tian Miaomiao crept into the living room and turned on the computer with some trepidation, but she was pleasantly surprised by the funds in the account - her stock turned over a few times.

Tian Miaomiao thought to herself that she will only keep a little bit of the position tomorrow and sell the rest. After all, investment is risky. This money is enough for Huang Xin's start-up capital when she makes a comeback. Now there can be no mistakes.

Tian Miaomiao thought again, what else can I do, the daughter's tuition fee, the elderly's nutrition fee, and the medicine fee, which can be less? How can I take care of Huang Xin and earn more money?

That night, Tian Miaomiao figured out that she could continue writing. She planned to write an online novel. Because there is no need to invest a penny, even if it is not successful, it is the right to use words to heal yourself. If it can be done, how much can subsidize the family.

She did what she said. Every night, after her daughter and Huang Xin fell asleep, she began to code, but she stipulated for herself that the writing time must not exceed 12 o'clock in the evening.

She understands that the more difficult times are, the more she must take care of her health. So, in addition to sitting there for an hour or two at night and writing, Tian Miaomiao would meet stitches during the day and use the fragmented time to write.

When Tian Miaomiao signed a contract with a literary website and had a fixed income every month, Huang Xin had already taken a lot of traditional Chinese medicine, but her condition was still stuck there. The symptoms of shortness of breath and miserable thoughts come and go again for a while.


Tian Miaomiao now has too much experience with the word "sickness disappears like a thread". She inquired about a famous folk acupuncturist. Huang Xin went to several times to see that Tian Miaomiao had to boil medicine again after acupuncture with him. I have to buy food to cook again, and I am too tired, so I don't want to go.

Tian Miaomiao also followed Huang Xin. If she didn't go, she wouldn't go. She now spoils him like a child, and everything follows his heart.

Once, when Tian Miaomiao was looking up the literature, he saw that meditation had a good effect on depression, so he suggested Huang Xin to give it a try.

Looking at his wife's encouraging and expectant eyes, Huang Xin decided to give it a try. Although his thoughts were messy and he couldn't concentrate at all, he forced himself to meditate for a while every day.

Days passed, and with the company of Tian Miaomiao, Huang Xin insisted on meditating and taking traditional Chinese medicine every day. Breathing slowly and evenly, his heart slowly calms down, and his face smiles more. He is willing to go out, chat with friends on the phone, and even do some housework.

One spring evening, Tian Miaomiao took Huang Xin out for a walk. Huang Xin looked up and saw the stars in the sky. His heart was filled with long-lost joy. He felt that his inner strength was recovering. Turning his head to Tian Miaomiao, he said, "In these two days, I will perfect a business plan."

Tian Miaomiao listened, stunned for a moment, then her eyes were wet, and her heart was full of gratitude, for this spring, for herself.


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