Heart of Gold

by Fen Tapiwa 5 months ago in humanity

I fall deep into her golden heart.

Heart of Gold

Mothers make the world go round with their love, passion, patience, and dedication. The world wouldn’t be same without them. They deserve to be celebrated everyday because they sacrifice and give so much more than what they are credited for. Bringing a child into the universe is never a walk in the park, but they all gracefully embrace the process—some not just once, but several times. What I admire most about them is that they see the beauty of bringing forth new life—despite the challenges they may have to face in the whole process mode, instead they count it all worthy. All mothers, we appreciate you and we love you, no words can ever describe your worth in what you do. For every single mother who’s having to go through it alone, we applaud you. We all know bringing a child into the world is only the beginning. Raising a child is a form of courage, gently leading them down the right path takes implacable strength. Especially when their father doesn’t want to know or isn't involved in their children’s lives. All of these processes that mothers go through require great strength of purpose, grace, patience, consistency, perseverance, and wisdom. For all men who are aware of their responsibilities, who have still decided not to get involved, I hope one day there will be a change of heart before it’s too late. A child naturally runs to his/her mother for comfort and to their father for protection; we have to understand why that structure is there. The dynamics are there to help all reach their full potential—not to say there will be no functionality without the other, but there is always the best person to pour the oil for something to set into motion. Women with all their strength and capabilities are limited because they are not meant to do it all by themselves.

If it takes a village to raise a child, that means every parent needs that support. Parents cannot be with their children 24/7 once they reach a certain age, but as parents, loving your children and spending quality time with them will bring everything in them to life in that community. Never give up on your child. Even when the going gets tough, they will appreciate you one day. You started the good work, pray for more strength to finish all the way.

As parents you don’t have to wait for someone to come and remind you of your responsibilities. Your children deserve your provision—they didn’t ask to come into this world, but most importantly, they need to feel your love. Always remind them that you are concerned of every stage of their lives, every milestone, and encourage them to confide in you first when they are faced with some of life’s challenges before they look for help outside that might lead them astray. Do not give up on showing your children the way before someone else comes and tries to take your place, only to throw away all the hard work you have put in for them to get to that stage. It might take them some time to get back into that path again. Shape their destiny as you get them ready to face the world, so that when the time comes, they will try and make the right decision even in the most difficult circumstances. Never give up on them, be their first role models, mentor, and then pass on the baton to whoever takes them to the next step—or directly to them. With that all being said, the process of bringing life into this world is the significance of how important that life is. We all need to acknowledge that all lives matter, each time a life it ruthlessly taken away, may we remember first the process of how that life entered this world in honour of all mothers. Every father who is not involved in their children’s lives, please do not deprive them of their rights. I hope one day we will have a huge change of heart, with hope for more community fathers too, who are willingly ready to step in and creates the positive impact on what some children never have the chance to experience, those who missed that fatherly love in their lives. Together, we can make the world a better place for every life.

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