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Have you ever met such a man?

by Aioryur Korif9 2 months ago in divorced
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The girl sat right across from me, flattening her mouth aggrieved, regardless of the others in the restaurant, red-eyed and out of control and said to me, "Why was he with him in the first place because he thought he was a good man?" he was so kind that he couldn't bear to strangle an ant, but how bad could he be to me? But now, in less than half a year, he is playing games in his dormitory all day. I have to deliver meals every day and wash clothes for him on Friday. As long as I make a phone call, I must be on call. But I don't feel well. I have a fever of 40 degrees. I can't eat a bite of my meal. I don't even have the strength to get up. Why won't he even call me? I complained to him for a few words, and he yelled, "break up if you can't get used to it." Why? " In front of the coffee from warm to cold, the girl's tears dripping in the cup, foam ripples slightly, it must be bitter taste.

Dear girl, I am sitting here, looking at your face, which is white and bright without skin care, with winding tears, and I am not in a good mood. You remind me of my 20 years old, as pure as you. I love someone with a moth to the fire. I feel that all kind people will be good people in love, and it is worth my sacrifice and sacrifice regardless of return.

I was infatuated with boys when I was a girl, especially children and dogs. The delicacy of stopping to hold a piece of candy in the palm of his soft hand and specially buying some sausages to feed stray dogs at the school gate is the kind that I fell in love with instantly. He is polite, a good student who is willing to study hard, and gets a job in the student union in an orderly manner. More importantly, unlike those who have a sesame official who thinks he can command everything, every activity he organizes takes good care of the new members, and he can't bear to see someone left behind and do everything himself. It's a good temper that someone calls late at night to ask questions. So the girls always get together and gossip, "anyone who is with such a nice person must be super happy …"... "

But it was this kind big boy who, half a year after holding hands with me, gave me a trolley and shopping bag every time he went to the supermarket. When I was sick, he let me go to the hospital in a snowy day and put me on a drip. During the quarrel, I left me on a strange street and turned off my cell phone. After a party, he and I walked in the crowd. Ten centimeters of high heels tortured my feet and moved clumsily and slowly. He refused to hold my hand in disgust and walked in front of me. With a sad face, I chased the figure in front of me that I could never catch up with. This scene, until I can wear high heels to run to catch the thief today, I still can not let go.

Dear girl, just like you today, I was alone in the quilt, sobbing almost all night, my eyes were red and swollen, my breath was not smooth, and my heart was filled with question marks about love, "where is that kind man?" My phone, which never rang, I clung to it and went to sleep until the tears evaporated, the vibration in the palm of my hand opened my eyes immediately, and the neat "break up" on the screen led to the collapse of the future I was building with him a few days ago. Twenty days later, the kind boy, the boy who could generously pay all the bills with his little money at the classmate reunion, the boy who got up on time and opened the door on time every morning with the key of the class, the boy, who would take a knife at any time when a friend asked for help, ostentatiously held another girl's hand on campus. My heart is completely cold, a person who can use up tenderness to stray dogs, unexpectedly refused to give me a little pity.

At that time, everyone was talking about this instant breakup of "old age and death". There was a meaningful delight in the eyes of the girl who came face to face. I guessed that those three or two people gathered together to avoid my whispering content. It will probably be "such a kind upperclassman, all broke up to the point of breaking up, it must be her fault …"... "

After a long time, I have experienced several relationships, from those clean and aboveboard men, I always expect to get a better love. But after experience, I found that the boy who was willing to open the car door for you every day would flirt with other girls on qq; the boy who volunteered at the welfare home every weekend would lie about a relationship; the boy who was generous and honest to his parents would break up with you for a better person. I stubbornly think that the prerequisite for a good love must include that the other person is a kind, filial and righteous man, but the relationship is not as much related to quality as expected.

My male friend, who had a single love history, finally got married and complained frequently that his wife was such a reasonable woman before marriage. when he was sick, she was willing to take a bus of more than 20 stops in the ice and snow to deliver meals to him and clean the room for him. Washing spoiled bowls and socks, life is poor, but without any complaint. Now, whenever there is a quarrel, the woman who used to be as gentle as water is hysterical at him. "you can't get a divorce. If you leave you, all the money will be mine, and you can't take a penny with you!" Unwilling to wash and cook for him, she even stopped appreciating his hard work, secretly hiding money under the bedding and storing it in an account he didn't know about. In his body under the age of 30, there are signs of premature senility, the hairline on the top of his head retreats obviously, and the days when he goes out early and returns late to drink with his clients flows through her increasingly indifferent eyelids. In my circle of life, it is not the only poor man who has been destroyed by a woman who has accumulated so much wealth.

A few years ago, we all laughed at a friend who dared to marry rashly in his early twenties. The man is selfish without a penny. He never has his wallet on him at a party, and he often goes to the bottom of a well to do things. But it was such a man who quit his promising job during the three years his wife studied abroad, did all the housework while studying with him, spoke English with a northeast accent on a foreign winter night, and cleaned the offices in high-rise buildings with his Indian boss with vacuum cleaners on his back to earn some hard money to subsidize his family. After they returned home, we suddenly began to laugh at ourselves. over the years, we were concerned about whether the people around us were gentle to others, but we never thought that we were the ones who should be given preferential treatment in a relationship.

Dear girl, I tell you word by word, almost all my love experience, in order to let you understand as soon as possible, not all kind people are good people in love. You can take kindness as a bonus, but it is by no means a criterion for judging whether a lover is qualified or not, and his thoughtfulness towards the world may not be used on you. All you have to do is to keep your eyes wide open, get rid of all superficial illusions, and see whether the most gentle place is left to you in this person's heart, regardless of whether it is too late to pay.

Dear girl, when I was a girl, I didn't believe in the truth of people who had been there. I was too proud to listen to the so-called words that "first love can't make it to marriage". Now, although you are tearfully denouncing that bad boyfriend, I think you must still have room for manoeuvre for this feeling. So I guess you will get back together in about two days, and you will be moved by his sincere apology and be the girlfriend who delivers food every day in the sun. soon, you may break your face because of a fierce quarrel. he lost his temper, and you slammed the door. After a long and painful struggle, you finally want to open it, change your cell phone number, and take every relationship seriously. I can't stop you from being hurt. I can only pray that those who have hurt you will not chill you in the future.

Girl, you in the broken flower skirt are as fresh as daisies. I can smell more fragrant than green tea perfume. It is the unique flavor of youth. One day you will come to me from your blooming season. You will suddenly realize the unrepentant feelings of the past, and I only hope that the boy you meet after that, even if you fail the whole world, will not fail the girl around you. May you always be a good girl in love. Everyone in this world has a glass heart, which can never be mended if it is broken.


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