Halloween Cancelled at Public School Because of Liberal Beliefs

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The Problem with Expecting Children to Care About Our Political Beliefs...

Halloween Cancelled at Public School Because of Liberal Beliefs

Halloween, All Hallow's Eve, is the wonderful Pagan holiday celebrated every October 31st where children are able to dress up in costumes and pretend to be anything they wish to be. The kids go door-to-door and knock saying, "Trick or treat?" and then are handed candy which they usually throw into a pillow case or Halloween decorated bucket and go on to the next house.

At the end of the night, parents check candy, due to an old wive's tale about there being razor blades found in Halloween candy meant to harm children, and kids stuff their faces, which usually causes them to stay up far past their bedtime and the night quickly turns into every parent's worst nightmare.

I'm sure you are quite familiar with Halloween. However, this year, it has changed.

Instead of Halloween being the wonderful holiday where children are able to dress up as anything they please, Halloween has now become the holiday that adults—parents and teachers especially—are pushing their political values and beliefs onto young children who do not yet have the mental capacity to understand the problems with the issues being discussed.

Boyden Elementary School in Walpole, Massachusetts has decided to cancel their annual costume parade because they claim Halloween is "not inclusive enough." Yes, the only day of the year where it is acceptable for your child to dress up as a superhero zombie wearing a princess crown and clown shoes is now considered "not inclusive enough."

Why? Well, because Halloween costumes are now considered racist. As in, if you are a little white girl who wishes to dress up as Pocahontas on Halloween, you are now racist. If you wish to dress up as Moana because you idolize her, you are no longer allowed unless you are Persian. If you are a white girl, you MUST be one of the white princesses because, according to Liberals, you have more than enough to chose from and choosing a princess of another race or ethnicity would be racist or literally mocking the culture of someone else. We are accusing children of culture appropriation on Halloween now. Yes, that is what white children will be accused of. Does this mean a little white boy cannot dress up for Halloween as the Hulk because he is green? We are unsure. Therefore, to stop any chance of offending anyone, Halloween has now been cancelled at a public school.

Halloween has always been one of my most favorite days of the year! First of all, what kid does not like candy? Secondly, I was a kid who loved to play pretend. That meant I loved to dress up in costumes and pretend to be things that I was not! I was a little girl, not a ninja or a turtle. However, I can remember dressing up as every single Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for several Halloweens in a row. In 2017, maybe that wouldn't be allowed.

Because of this and the many beautiful and fun memories I have of celebrating Halloween, not only with my family at home, but also enjoying the activities at school and Halloween themed dances growing up, I am saddened to hear that a public school in the U.S. has now cancelled their Halloween activities.

I feel as though this is something that should never have happened. Children do not dress up as a princess of a different culture in order to mock that culture or be cruel. They idolize that princess because they saw her in a Disney movie and thought she was beautiful and strong and independent and nice so she decided she wanted to pretend to be her on Halloween. That is why children dress up as princesses. Children also dress up as superheroes because they love superheroes, as their favorite animals because they think they are cute, as their favorite singers because they wish they could be famous too and they also dress up as one of the several monsters or goblins, witches or ghosts that we often have fun as on Halloween.

You see, children do not understand politics. Most young children do not even know cultural appropriation is a thing. So, why are we trying to teach them about this and ruin Halloween?! Can we not just let kids be kids and enjoy the holiday that I was able to enjoy so many times growing up without any political backlash at the age of 6?!

If you ask me, cancelling Halloween because of liberal views that it creates cultural appropriation and is racist, is not being progressive at all. If anything, it is regressive. We are teaching our kids to hate when it wasn't even on their minds to begin with. This notion will not help educate children about cultural appropriation at all. In fact, can we please allow kids to grow up without having to worry about that and just have fun and dress up as whoever they choose to dress up as for Halloween? Is it truly too much to ask, far leftists??

I think all this political correctness has got a bit far too carried away. When we are cancelling Halloween for CHILDREN because of our own political agenda, we have issues, America! I think we need to reel this in a bit! We need to all calm down and remember that Halloween wasn't about cultural appropriation at all... ever... and certainly isn't about that or politics now!!

Really, it is a day and night where children can play pretend out in the open, wear whatever costume they want, be whoever they wish to be for one day or night, and go out and gather some candy to eat and drive their parents nuts with!! That is all it was when I was growing up, and that's all it should be now. Not much has changed from then until now, in fact things are even better and more accepting than they ever have been. We are trying to create issues out of things that don't need to be an issue.

So do not ruin Halloween too. If you wish to make a political statement on Halloween, dress up as your favorite political figure or even as your least favorite being assassinated. That would even be fine with me... after all, it is only a Halloween costume. However, a white girl dressing up as Moana for Halloween is also only a Halloween costume. Remember that.

Beth Gibbons
Beth Gibbons
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