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By JackmamaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

In the early morning of July 21, around 4:30 am, after I changed the diaper of my second baby, I got sleepy for a while, so I watched the news and fell back to sleep at around 5:20 am.

  Between 5:20 and 6:30, just a little over an hour, I actually had a dream and woke up with a clear and unmistakable memory of what happened in the dream. I dreamed of my grandmother, who looked at Erbao with a smile and said to me that this little guy looks a lot like so-and-so. I replied that he looked a lot like his brother. Grandma nodded happily, the wrinkles on her face smiled into a flower.

  Grandmother has been dead for more than seven years, she and grandmother the same year, if alive, ninety years old. After she left, I rarely dreamed of her, but on such an ordinary morning, she quietly entered my dream.

  Grandma's life was quite hard. She lost her parents when she was young and relied on her maternal brother to bring her up. After she became a family, she raised five sons and one daughter (not counting the one son and one daughter who died young), and had to take care of two minor brothers-in-law. Grandpa died at the age of less than 60, when the youngest uncle and aunt were not yet adults, and grandpa's father, my grandfather, was still alive, so the burden of life fell on grandma's shoulders.

  When all of her children were established, Grandma's focus shifted to bringing up her grandchildren, as several of her cousins were similar in age, she often carried one on her back and one in her arms, and was jokingly called the "Sending Mother". In her life, Grandma brought up her children and grandchildren, adding up to more than a dozen, while I took care of two children with the help of my parents and often cried out in pain!

  When my youngest cousin grew up and went to elementary school, my grandmother, who had always been physically strong, fell ill. She had two major surgeries and still had a strong desire to live, and I always believed she would pull through. 2014 Spring Festival, Grandma spent in the ICU, we took a look at her outside the window, pale messy hair, thin face, thin hands ...... Later, she was transferred to the general ward, I often went to see her. At the beginning of the time can still talk to us properly a few words, and then go to see her, she took my hand, tears in her eyes, and kept telling me that it hurts, it hurts so much ...... that day was March 25, my birthday, I was heartbroken, alone at the end of the corridor dazed.

  At dinner time on April 3, Grandma left. I hurried to the hospital and touched my grandmother's fingers hanging outside the sheet, still a little warm, these hands that I know so well, used to hold me and give me delicious hands ...... from then on, my life forever said goodbye to my grandmother.

  The grandmother's funeral hall in the funeral home of the pine crane hall, the night of the vigil, I do not know where to fly a butterfly, hovering half a day not. The third aunt said, that should be grandfather, he came to pick up grandmother. The premature death of grandfather has always been a piece of the grandmother's heart, I remember when I was a child, the Qingming Festival every year, the grandmother always cry on the back of a person, and later, although not cry, you can always see her eyes red, depressed. Although grandpa and grandma are matchmakers together, but as a child, I heard from others that they have good feelings, the death of my grandmother is a very sad thing for me, but I can only reunite her and grandpa to give themselves some comfort.

  Grandma's life was very hard, but also very happy. She had many children and grandchildren, her children were filial, and her uncles were respectful, all of which were the envy of many older people in the village who thought she was "blessed". I think all these "blessings" came from herself. She was a hard-working, capable, kind and simple woman who never made a fuss, and was a very "virtuous" old lady.

  Grandma probably always regretted that she didn't see my children. In fact, this is also something that I have always held dear to my heart.


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