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A word of wisdom to the apple of my eye….

By Perplexed PondererPublished 2 years ago Updated 5 months ago 4 min read
Photo by Federico Enni on Unsplash

My baby girl...

My princess. The second girl to have my heart. From the first day I set eyes on you until the last day I close them, you will always know that I’m in your corner, and my love for you better ONLY be second to the man that ultimately weds you. A day won’t pass where you ever have to question if I love you. We will always triumph, the good and the bad, and you’ll know that I only want the ABSOLUTE best for you. Strong chance you will inherit the stubbornness that is notorious in my family. But I’m positive the wisdom you’ll inherit from both your mother and I will help you see past the fury and pride at the most significant of times.

You will have an abundance of aunts who will want to make sure you’re spoiled rotten and just as many uncles who will be overbearing and ready to bear arms as soon as a boy comes knocking on the door for you. Your grandmother will undoubtedly have some hip name to avoid being called granny and will have an endless supply of stories about how your dad ripped her body in half at birth. She will also be there to remind me of all the times you will show flashes of her, or your aunt Kailyn and how I will just have to increase the amount of patience needed to understand whatever it is you’re going through.

I imagine that the types of conversations we have during your journey to adulthood will vary drastically from your brother’s but no less, than they will he had. I don’t know what type of child you will be. I don’t know what personality you will have. I don’t know what your generation will have to endure just to reach adulthood. But because of all those variables, I will never rush to a judgment without first hearing your part. I will be overprotective. I will go through your phone. I will check your spending because I won’t have the ability to not do it. It won’t be for a lack of trust, but merely a sense of security and affirmation that the way I’m raising you isn’t damaging or diminishing you. I’ll pray every day that you’re able to talk to me about ANYTHING. Nothing will be too big or over the top for me to be your solace away from chaos. I will want to shield you from the world but only because I’m aware of how fast the World can rob you of your youth, innocence, and your essence.

Doesn’t matter what ethnicity your mother is, you will appear as a black woman, and as such, I will be the rock you lean on in the darkest of times. I want you to dear no man on this earth but I want you to be aware of the dangers out there. I will unintentionally shelter you from things I experienced growing up and you will experience those struggles at some point I just hope that you’re able to come to me for guidance and support.

I love you so much already, and I don’t know your name. I have no idea what you look like. I bet that you’re probs chilling with Jesus right now as I write this and I know you’re enjoying your time above until you get sent to me. That gives me peace as I’m down here working to set up the best environment for you. I’ll be that dad that lets you put makeup on me and do my hair in funny styles because I will enjoy those moments with you. I will recall those same nostalgic moments the first time you have a period and threaten to kill me. I want to be present for each of those moments because I know many women whose fathers didn’t get to experience such trauma but I will be there to make sure you know I will always be there. The good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly.

You will teach me so many things. I will forever be a student when it comes to you. I will be equipped with skills then that I wish I had now but that just means I wasn’t ready for those battles just yet.

I love you, baby girl, with every ounce of my being, and beyond.


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Perplexed Ponderer

One soul. 2 personas. A constant battle wages to ensure both have their moment in the sun. Calculated and rational versus bold and brazen.

The pieces presented will illustrate them both, I'll let you determine which one you think it is.


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