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We feel pride, which in due time turns into arrogance

By real JemaPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

There are many situations which breed arrogance and others which bring about humility. Without making a judgment of your character, I am going to share with you some of these situations so that you can be well aware and guard yourself from arrogance and embrace more humility.


This is one of the situation which brings about arrogance in our hearts, when you are able to follow through with a plan you made and things turn out like you wanted, that boosts your self-confidence and simultaneously increases your arrogance. Strangely enough, arrogance is linked with self-confidence, once one of them increases the other has to follow closely. Even when the success isn’t something deliberate, it still breeds in us self-confidence and without a deliberate action, you won’t be able to prevent arrogance from growing in your heart.

Positions of Power

Having authority over other persons often times breeds in us arrogance, because we have been elevated to a higher position than others, we feel pride which in due time turns into arrogance. When others admire you and give you a higher importance over everybody else, this develops pride in your heart, which eventually translates into arrogance. Is this to say that everybody in a position of power is arrogant? Not at all. We are all subject to our emotions, and they affect us all at varying degrees, so I can’t make a general assertion like such.

Praise and adulation

Crowds screaming your name, everybody wishing they were like you, so many people idolizing you, that is sure to breed arrogance in your heart. The feeling you get from adulation is a unique one, it's a mixture of both pride, joy, happiness and some other things, its nearly addictive. This toxic mix of emotion is fun at the moment but can easily produce something negative. Adulation can make us boastful which boosts our self-confidence in an instant because we are being acknowledged by so many persons in an instant and like we saw earlier, arrogance is directly linked to self-confidence.


When you are intelligent and self-confident about what you know, depending on the situation you find yourself, there is a high tendency for you to be proud of what you know and thereby become arrogant. You undermine others because of their ignorance, and you become self-confident about everything you know which in turn leads you to be arrogant in the way you talk and interact with others.

These are just a few instances of the situations which can breed arrogance in a person, keep in mind that these are very subjective situations and won’t apply to everybody in the same way. Now let's look at those situations which can humble a person.


Contrarily to success, when we have setbacks we feel vulnerable and this leads us into a state of mind where we feel the least confidence and without all that confidence there isn’t any possibility of arrogance to be in us, this is then replaced by humility. In short, everything which attacks our self-confidence directly brings to us humility, the weaker we are the higher chance we have to be humble.


You can start to notice a common trend between the situations which produce arrogance and those which produce humility. Everything which makes us feel stronger tends to produce arrogance and self confidence in us meanwhile those situations which make us feel weaker tend to breed humility. Adversity is one of those, its hard to feel strong when everything seems so difficult and you can’t figure out your way through the fog of it all.

Illness & Weakness

Another one of these situations is ill health, when we are weak physically and very limited by what we can do, it's in these moments where we show the most humility.

You can easily notice a trend here, and I hope this article gives you more insight on why some people are more arrogant than others, it's more of a biological feature than a character trait if you asked me.

Thanks for reading ☺️

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  • sleepy drafts2 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this! I enjoy the articles I read from you. They feel balanced and well-researched. I also enjoy reading your opinion at the end, always so gracefully put. Your work reads as consistently strong, well-written, cleanly formatted, and often includes a unique insight. Thank you, real Jema!

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