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Friendship (how can we know whos real and whos fake)

and a poem

By SDPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

People wonder "is this a true friend", "how can i know if she/he wont ever hurt me" "what are some signs I should look out for to determine if they are real friends or fake friends?" -well im here to help!!!


fake friends;

ever have the gut feeling that something is off with your friend, or that the way they are acting isn't right. WELLLL!, just like there can be bad relationships, and toxic, there can also be some toxic relationships (and better to get out of it as soon as possible).

signs of fake friends

  • they are never there for you/never even try to be
  • they use you( meaning anytime they come to you they always ask for something)
  • they are not happy with your achievements
  • they compete with you when they think you can be better then them
  • they leave you out of group hang outs, and make excuses always why they didn't invite you
  • they are rude and hurt your feelings constantly
  • they try to show you down, to make you will worse then them
  • they are always selfish
  • want to do things that only make them happy not you
  • they sell you out, in situations when they can get in trouble

- there are much more signs but these can be big ones. of course it's great to have someone by your side and be happy. but trust me hanging around these friends are never a good idea and u won't even smile while being around them. don't be afraid to shut them down. and don't think if u do shut them down, you won't find any more friends. because trust me you will, and you will better know if the friends you find are not real and worth having around or not.


Real Freinds:

Real friends are hard to come by, but when they come, they are so worth it to keep.

signs of a real friend/true friends:

  • they stick around bad times by helping you all the way they can
  • they always there for you(even throughout the bad times and the good times)
  • their hugs are warm and heartfelt
  • they always put a smile on your face
  • they will be honest with you, and always want u to get the best
  • they are sooooooo happy with ur achievements
  • they offer to help you when u seem stressed even takes time from thier time
  • always stands up for u
  • are loyal/dependable-in any situations
  • they encourage you to achieve your goal
  • trustworthy
  • they are understandable

- there are many more but again these can be the big ones. they are worthwhile to hold onto. always appreciate ur true friends around you and always try and be happy. cause we only live ones. when you see something is taken away ur happiness, fight for ur smile, cause u deserve it. a true friend shares with you the achievements, the joy with you. they love being by your side. you can have many friends, but it's usually the one or two friends you can really trust and tell everything to. having a true friend fills/gives sunshine in your life. a true friendship can help you stay strong, stay happy.

poem: friendships

Friends are angels except when they’re not

Some friendships blossom while others rot,

To be true blue

To skirt the waterloo,

Friends forever now that’s a knot

remember life can be tricky when it comes to surrounding yourself with the right people. but remembering these signs can help you figure some things out. and remember always try and stay happy in life. cause you only live once.


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