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For the love of Shannon and Brittney

by Keli Hutchison about a year ago in grief

Losing my sister and my dear friend

My dear sweet Brittney

As u all know from my bio i am Keli and i want to tell u a small part of my life today! This is heavy on my mind because one was recent and the other was 6 months ago so it is all fresh. I lost my sister on mothers day this year and it has been one of the hardest things i have ever dealt with. She was my rock and meant more to me than i can express with words. When i got the phone call on the night of may 10th my entire world changed with 4 words "Your Sister is gone". When i tell u i was broke honey i was broke, i didn't get out of bed for days. She was buried in Western Kentucky where we are from on my son's 10th birthday. With the funeral being so far away i couldn't make it so i had to attend her funeral via Facebook. It was a rough day and there isn't a single day that goes by that i don't cry or think about her! My daughter was one of her biggest fans (she's 3) she didn't understand all she knew was she wasn't here any more which was heart breaking to watch. She had diabetes and went DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) and passed in her bathroom and her 9 yr old daughter found her. I hate talking about it but i need to get it out because it killing me inside. It hurts more than i ever thought i could hurt a piece of me is missing from this earth, i never thought i would have to live in a world with out her. I didn't think 2020 could get worse! Boy was i way off about that!!!!!! On Nov 11th i received a call from a friend of mine saying My Friend Brittney had passed. Brittney was there for me and talked to me thru my sister passing along with her sister Amanda (another big part of my life) She was 27 and she had diabetes too all though we do not know what killed her i believe it had something to do with it. She was like the lil sister i never had! She could make anyone smile and she had a heart of gold. Her passing sent me all the way back to the way i felt on May 10th. Its been 2 days so u know what i mean when i say this one is fresh. Im trying to be strong and help her mother and sisters raise money because nobody was prepared for this! I will link her go fund me in the case someone wants to donate or share! https://gf.me/u/y8hu5q Im not sure that is allowed on here but im putting it out there! Please say a pray for us all! Britt was 27 she had her whole life ahead of her Shannon was 36 and had 6 kids and her whole life a head of her. I don't know if i will ever feel better about either one of them being gone because they were a huge part of my life. My sister (Shannon) loved me when i couldn't love myself! She believed in me more than i ever could have imagined. Brittany was there along with her family when i was going thru some rough patches and i wont ever forget her love and courage! She was so strong! Im not sure who will see this or how far it will go but please say a prayer for me <3 If anyone needs to contact me my email is [email protected]!! THANKS FOR READING STAY BLESSED


Keli Hutchison

Hi everyone my name is Keli im a single mom who lives in Lexington ky i have 3 kids ages 3, 8 and 10!!! I look forward to reading everyone's stories and creating my own <3

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