Five Tips to Keep Your Kids Active

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Getting Your Kids to Put Down the Devices and Enjoy a Healthier Lifestyle.

Five Tips to Keep Your Kids Active

Families have so many options to keep their children active, but we know you have a lot on your plate. You constantly juggle personal and professional responsibilities. We understand how busy you are, so here are five tips to keep your kids active.

1. Open Up to Their Interests.

Take time to listen to what matters most to your children. You might be surprised that one of your children enjoy yard work and miss out on the opportunity to let him help with yard upkeep or gardening. You might also lose out on saving money normally spent on landscaping and miss out on fostering an interest of your child.

Kids can come up with all kinds of activities, that they say they will enjoy. Make sure to have them sit down and create a list of interests. Go over the pros and cons of each interest with them. It will help them be more realistic in what their interests are, and it will help them not lose interest and stay active.

2. Consider Community Sports Teams.

Community sports teams are a great way to keep children active. On top of that they offer so many other valuable life lessons. They teach children the importance of practice, teamwork and leadership. They also help kids deal better with wins and losses in life.

More than anything, community sports teams will your kids live healthy and active lives. Daily exercise is important for the entire family. Make an active lifestyle part of your children's lives.

3. Consider Other Community Activities.

You daughter might not enjoy playing softball, like you thought she would. Maybe you have noticed that she is quite the entertainer and craves attention. Look into cultural activities like theater, painting and orchestra to have your child active and on the move.

Music and drama class often have warm-up stretching exercises. Don't be surprised if you start seeing your daughter stretch more at home. Do whatever it takes to find ways for your kid to become active.

4. Establish Healthy Eating Habits.

Your have one child that has soccer on Mondays. Another child has football on Mondays. The youngest child has tutoring that day. Where in the world will time develop that allows for a healthy meal to be ready that evening? Get your kids up and moving during the weekend to help prepare the home for healthy meals all week long.

Let them help with growing, shopping for and preparing healthy foods. Not only will your kids be more active through, but they will also be more active due to better nutrition. Plus, they are learning a valuable life skill for the future.

5. Ignore Their Demands to Stay Inside.

With all of the gaming consoles and entertainment technologies out there, it can be tough to motivate children to go outside and be active. Consider delegating outside chores to make children learn responsibility, get enough sunlight and become overall more active kids. Consider yard additions that create an active lifestyle you can research custom pools Austin or Phoenix, etc wherever you live to find a fun activity for your family. Pools, basketball courts, and many other types of outdoor, home recreation activities can become part of your home's yard.

Take the time to reward them for them for not lounging inside all day. Create a great balance for your kids and entire family, by insisting that your children do not become couch potatoes. When they listen and do as asked, then reward them with extra TV and gaming time.

You kids are your life. You know that you want them to become more active, but you just haven't been able to pinpoint exactly how to do it. By putting to use the five aforementioned tips, you are well on your way to keeping your kids active.

Kari Oakley
Kari Oakley
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