Finding Your Child's Gift!

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Finding Your Child's Gift!

Tiny Einsteins

Every child is capable of success! How you say? By you the parent exposing them from birth to learning activities. You find what they love and make them the best at it.

I started singing the alphabet to my son before he was born and he's now one year old and can sing it himself. I sing everything to him, it's the best way to teach children. I read to him everyday and now he loves reading.

When he's older I will put him in classes to learn instruments, sports, and performing arts and foreign language. Doing what you love is the key to success. Who really enjoys going to work at a fast food restaurant for their whole lives? I'm sure no one does!

If we start them off learning everything possible while young, the sky is the limit! Did you know children learn faster than adults, and are able to retain more information?

That's why as soon as my son learned the English alphabet I introduced the Spanish alphabet. I myself am learning the German alphabet to teach him as well. Next we will focus on numbers even though I already introduced him to 1-10 in English and Spanish.

My goal is to help him be whatever it is that he wants to be. And if every parent did this, every child would be capable of becoming the next Einstein or Beethoven. Here are 6 tips to raising a smart toddler.

  1. Talk to your child
  2. Teach them about emotions
  3. Play smartly
  4. Make a creative space
  5. Praise your child for trying
  6. Point while speaking

It's very important to talk to your child. Constant conversation is a good way to help build your tot's vocabulary. It also teaches them how to build sentences by hearing you speak. Try using a variety of words to help immerse your little one in vocab. When children don't have enough conversation they won't develop social skills as fast as they should.

Teaching your child about emotion is very important and is a skill they will need later on in life. Like, for example, If someone accidentally bumps your tot a park and they fall, simply say, "uh oh, that was an accident." It will help them understand what's going on.

Playing with your tot can be a lot of fun, especially when learning is involved. Create games that are not only entertaining but also educational. Like, for example, my tot loves playing outdoors. So I pick up grass and show my tot and have him feel it and say the color. Or touch the bark of a pine tree and say it's bumpy, and oh, smell the pine cones.

Creating a space for creativity is simple. Set up a fingerprinting station or costume area in tot's room. Build a fort out of boxes for your tot.

Always remember to praise your tot for trying hard work. Doing this encourages your tot to want to learn. But praise them correctly; instead of saying, "My handsome is so smart," say, "Wow, I'm proud of you for working so very hard." You want to let them know even at a young age it takes hard work to get the job done.

Pointing while speaking helps children learn what things are from a very young age. Using your hands while speaking is very helpful when raising a tot. Like, for example, the head, shoulders, knees, and toes song. With help from parents, tots can become just as smart as you want them to. It just takes time and dedication. But most importantly, love!

Jaime Shuler
Jaime Shuler
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