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Father's Day

by Terri Rosall 12 months ago in married
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A gift for my husband

Father's Day
Photo by Carl Barcelo on Unsplash

As I sit here thinking about what to get my husband for Father's Day this year. I want to make it something special.

He does so much for me everyday. He asks for nothing in return. I know it must be so draining on him. I can't do much because I have a back issues to deal with everyday.

I do know two things about this special gift. It has to do something with golf or baseball. I think that I am going to go with baseball.

I have the points for a free hotel night and if I can get another one I will be so happy about this. I know that he would love to go baseball game.

It has to be a game in Florida because that is where we live now.

Now it has to be the Marlins, Rays or the Reds minor league team.

Now it time to check the schedules and price also. I hope that I can made this gift work. It is going to be hard one to do.

Ok the schedules are looking good. Time to check if my points will work. The is another check off my list of things to make this Father's Day gift work.

Now I am getting really excited about this Father's Day gift to him. I have to make it work.

See my husband has Cancer and I want to brighten his day and have one day not for him to worry about me of his Cancer.

I have to be quite about this gift as soon as I everything worked out I will tell him about it.

He will probably why did you spend the time on this plus the money. I will tell him how special he is in my life and I wanted to make this Father's Day a special one.

I never know when the Cancer will take his life.

I know it is going be a surprise. He doesn't know I am doing this for him.

Things are going my way. Everything is working out.

I am super happy now about this. He will not know it is coming.

Father's Day is going wonderful this year.

I can't wait to pack our suitcases for the trip.

Yes it is going work.

What are you plans for your plan for your spouse, boyfriend and your father.

Do you think that they would like a baseball game just like my husband will?

You take the time to do something special for someone you love to the moon and back. You should take the chance and do it.

It will take some planning and jumping off the computer when they are close by you.

Come on you can do this just like I did. It will take a lot of thinking of what they like.

Instead of a boring tie this year for my husband he is getting a baseball game so we can make memories.

2021 is a new start to do things that are special for the people that you love.

2020 is in the past. I know that I did not do anything for him last year for Father's Day because Covid-19. We could not do anything we wanted to do.

I know that it is small gift to do for him but it is Father's Day. He gives me so much during the year because of medical issue.

I think that I will put it in a card and watch the smile come to his face.

So why won't you make that special one have a Happy Father's Day this 2021.


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