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by Lilli Adams 2 months ago in immediate family

When Family Becomes Toxic

I know very few people who can say that they have not had some sort of an argument with a family member, but what happens when a family member becomes toxic?

We are all entitled to our opinion, but some people have to always be right. It does not matter if you can physically show them that they are wrong, because they are going to find some sort of a flaw in what you are talking with them about.

Toxicity in any relationship is not healthy for us. In a situation like this what should you do? I know many people who have made the painful decision to completely cut these people out of their lives, because much as toxic water is unhealthy for our bodies a toxic person adversely affects your mind.

Since the pandemic has happened most of us have seen a different side of people, people who we thought we knew, but we actually didn’t. People are certainly entitled to their opinion, but if you personally feel that this is harmful to you, or to someone who you love then you have a decision to make.

Many people do not know what it is like to put themselves first. Overall as a society we are taught to help others, put others first, but this should not be at the expense of our own well-being. I do not believe that if you thought about what was going on that you would not begin to rethink things.

If you had just started dating someone, and three dates in you realize that this person is only out for themselves you would not keep dating them. We need to compartmentalize our lives, especially when we are dealing with a very serious situation. We know that we do not deserve to be around these toxic people, so why do we continue to put up with this? Isn’t life difficult enough without us having to deal with a toxic person?

A healthy in mind is necessary in order to have a healthy body, because our minds can physically hurt our bodies. Everyone is at different stages in our lives, and we know who we are, so we should know what we want. Do we really need toxic people in our lives? It will not be an easy decision to make, especially if it is a family member, but in the long run it should be ourselves who you are thinking about in order to live a long and healthy life.

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Lilli Adams

I'm a former flight attendant who still likes to travel. I love all animals. Please be kind everyone, because you never know what someone else might be going through.

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Lilli Adams
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