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By Jen CarmonaPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

I’m gonna start off my introducing myself... I’m Jen and I have 4 kids and a husband who is in the military. I also have an ex who is a parent to three of my kids. My life as you see can be kinda messy because to me my family comes first. Having an ex and a military husband can make every day different especially when custody is being shared and everyone has a different idea to how things should run when it comes to the kids. Trust me when I say I’m definitely not an expert in love or marriage or even kids but I love my family and I’m super grateful for what I have and I am very excited to share my experiences, ups and downs with everyone.

I will love to share my experiences about divorce and co parenting because for those that know, it isn’t an easy thing to do, especially when you have kids together. I would also love to talk about getting remarried and how different it is with kids. I grew up with just a dad and two brothers, my dad got remarried 4 times and I can now imagine how hard it is for the kids to see the step parent as a real parent and not just someone that lives in the house. I would also love to talk about military life... mine of course, not his, because as much as I know that my husband loves me, it’s military first even when he himself believes that his family should always comes first. Let me tell how disappointed we get when we realize that that can’t always be true haha. My last topic that I will also love to talk about is marriage, being divorced I saw the mistakes that I made and am trying very hard not to make the same ones with my current husband. But I can tell you that nothing has ever made me as happy as he does even though our marriage is far from perfect.

My family is the most important part of me, especially my 4 kids, but they know how to drive me crazy and at the same time make me grateful for their smiles and bringing so much happiness into my life. Every one of my 4 kids is different, each with a different personality and how they see the world. My oldest is about to enter the world of being a teenager, she is 11 so I think that’s considered tween but even this world I don’t even know how to navigate haha. My other three kids are 9, 5, and 1, which are all boys. Living in a house of three boys is a whole different world entirely and it gets super crazy and exciting at the same time.

I can’t wait to share more with you and hope that I can bring a different perspective into the family life because like a snowflake, every family is different and unique. Every day is a new adventure... one that I’m excited to take because each day brings something new whether it’s the kids experiencing something fun at school or the stories my husband tells me about his day at work with the military which of course there seems to always be something new. Most of the time I’m just an outsider looking in because other than a part time job I just stay home and take care of my 1 year old which don’t get me wrong is a job in itself, my energy is very low by the time I gotta pick my other three up from school. I feel like it’s their world and I’m lucky enough to live in it.


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