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Eternal Embrace: The Divine Love of Shri Krishna

Eternal Embrace: The Divine Love of Shri Krishna

By RAVI KUMARPublished about a month ago 3 min read

In the heart's pure realm, a love divine does dwell,

A tale eternal, that time cannot quell.

In Vrindavan's sacred, verdant glades,

Where Lord Krishna's celestial presence pervades.

In youthful days, the blue-skinned God did roam,

Amongst the cowherds, his beloved home.

A flute's sweet melody on the breeze would drift,

Bestowing upon all who heard, a heavenly gift.

The Gopis' hearts, like moths to a flame,

To Krishna's charm, they lovingly came.

In moonlit nights, beside the Yamuna's stream,

Their souls entwined in a celestial dream.

Radha, the jewel of this divine lore,

Krishna's love for her, forevermore.

A bond transcending mortal ken,

A union profound, beyond what is of men.

In the dance of the Ras, under starry skies,

A symphony of love did arise.

Each step, a prayer, each twirl, a hymn,

In this divine ballet, they were lost within.

Their love, an ocean, vast and deep,

In its sacred depths, secrets keep.

A mirror to the soul, a reflection pure,

A testament to love’s eternal allure.

Krishna, the playful, the divine,

With Radha, his love, so intertwine.

Their story, a beacon through ages bright,

Guiding lost hearts with its radiant light.

The flute’s call, a whisper from the divine,

Echoes of a love that’s truly sublime.

In every note, a promise resounds,

Of a love eternal, without bounds.

Krishna’s eyes, like lotus petals fair,

Held a world of love, beyond compare.

In Radha’s gaze, the universe did bloom,

In their embrace, love did consume.

In fields where peacocks dance in delight,

Krishna and Radha in the soft moonlight,

Their love a saga, written in the stars,

A celestial symphony that nothing mars.

The stories told by ancient fires,

Of Krishna’s love and divine desires.

Each tale a lesson, each verse a song,

Of how love, pure and true, makes us strong.

For in this world, where shadows play,

Krishna’s love is the light of day.

A reminder that the divine does dwell,

In the hearts that love, where it does swell.

The conch’s call, the warrior’s creed,

In love, Krishna found no need.

For Radha’s heart was his true home,

Where he found peace, no need to roam.

Oh, Krishna, with your playful smile,

In your love, the world finds no guile.

Your tales, a river, forever flows,

A testament to the love that grows.

In the gardens of our souls, you sow,

Seeds of love that ever grow.

Your touch, a blessing, your love, a grace,

In your divine love, we find our place.

For love is the path, and love the guide,

In Krishna’s love, we all abide.

A love so pure, a love so true,

In Krishna and Radha, love’s essence grew.

So let us dance, in joyous glee,

In Krishna’s love, we are free.

To love, to live, to simply be,

In the divine light, eternally.

Through lifetimes past, and those yet to be,

Krishna's love is the key.

Unlocking hearts, setting them free,

In the divine embrace, love’s mystery.

The morning sun, the evening’s glow,

In Krishna’s love, the world does know.

A love that’s timeless, ever new,

In the hearts of those who are true.

Let the flute’s melody be our guide,

In Krishna’s love, we shall abide.

A love so deep, it never fades,

In the heart of Krishna, love cascades.

For in every heart that truly loves,

Krishna’s spirit gently moves.

A dance of joy, a song of grace,

In love’s divine and tender embrace.

So let us cherish, let us adore,

Krishna’s love, forevermore.

In every breath, in every beat,

In Krishna’s love, our souls meet.

For in this world, so vast, so grand,

Krishna’s love, the guiding hand.

A love that heals, a love that mends,

In Krishna’s love, all sorrow ends.

The river flows, the seasons change,

Yet Krishna’s love remains the same.

A beacon bright, a guiding light,

In Krishna’s love, we find our sight.

So let us sing, and let us praise,

Krishna’s love, in endless ways.

For in his heart, and in his eyes,

We see the love that never dies.

In Vrindavan’s sacred, verdant glades,

Where Krishna’s love eternally pervades.

A love divine, a love so true,

In Krishna’s heart, we find our due.

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