Ensuring a Good Life for Your Children When Things Feel Uncertain

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Consider these strategies to help you build a satisfying and fulfilling life for your whole family even when things are uncertain.

Ensuring a Good Life for Your Children When Things Feel Uncertain

As parents, we know the importance of creating a life that our children can rely on. Establishing an environment that they can count on is a big part of our roles; however, when things feel uncertain, we can struggle to create a sense of stability for ourselves, let alone our kids. Even when things feel like they are going haywire, there are ways that we can still create that sense of calm and certainty for our kids. Consider these strategies to help you build a satisfying and fulfilling life for your whole family even when things are uncertain.

Keep Them Engaged in Activities

Children need to have outlets for their energy, and during times of instability, we may lack the normal outlets. While we learn to manage our energy as adults, this is much harder for children, so having a healthy way to address that is key. Consider enlisting the help of pool loan companies so that you can create a backyard that offers the perfect combination of exercise, relaxation and fun. Regardless of what activities you choose, if your child has an outlet, you and they will both sleep easier.

Spend Time as a Family

It can be shocking how important quality family time is to children. While our lives may sometimes get overwhelmed with too many things to do, slowing down to enjoy each other’s company and bond plays a crucial role in offering a stable environment. Even during the most chaotic of times, being able to rely on a family dinner can provide a real sense of relief.

Instill a Love of Learning

During times of volatility, it can actually be the perfect moment to instill a love of learning in your children. During school, some assignments and lessons feel very rotary and have the feeling of checking off boxes to move on to the next grade; however, spending time at home presents boundless opportunities. Whether you test science experiments, explore history, teach your child to cook or investigate the value of money, you have an incredible chance to instill a sense of curiosity and eagerness for information together. Not every lesson has to be centered on a test or assignment, and instead, take this moment to learn some new things together.

Model Important Interpersonal Skills

This can also present you with a great opportunity to teach your kids about key interpersonal skills that are often not covered in the classroom, learning to listen actively. While you may not dive deeply into interpersonal skills, during a time that feels unstable, you can model this type of behavior for your kids. When they go to talk to you, instead of nodding and barely listening, take the time to truly listen. To show that you are truly engaged, synthesize what they said and repeat it back to them or ask clarifying questions. Not only will this show your child that you are truly listening, but you can also build a stronger bond through these conversations.

Teach Your Kids About Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

A big factor in our kids’ behavior and their ability to maintain a sense of normalcy is creating a sense of routine. When this routine is rocked by volatility, our kids pick up on this. We can take this time to teach your kids about emotions. We often don’t take enough time, energy or distraction-free environments to address emotional intelligence, empathy and resilience; however, during times of turmoil, this presents us with the perfect opportunity. Take time to check in on how they're doing, truly listen and validate their feelings. From there, you can teach them strategies to address their feelings, so that they grow stronger in their emotional intelligence and resilience to better prepare them for the future.

Children are far more intuitive than we often give them credit for, and in times of instability, they will need us more than ever. While uncertainty often terrifies us and leaves us with a sense of intense anxiety, we can also use this time to engage with our kids. Don’t waste this amazing chance to bond with, educate and grow as a family. Instead, refocus your energy on growth, love and development.

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