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Eleven Principles of Quantum Touch Therapy

by Be Inspired - Be Motivated 2 months ago in literature / parents / how to / children / advice
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The Magical Vitality Energy of Touch

For decades, physicians and psychologists have praised the amazing benefits and importance of touch. Studies have shown that untouched babies don't grow as fast as babies who are often held in your arms. In addition to growing slowly, these babies often have fragile immune systems and are prone to illness. Babies who are unable to meet their touch needs can also experience severe emotional impairment and even violent behavior. Psychological studies have also confirmed the severe consequences of a lack of touch from experiments that separate baby monkeys from mother monkeys.

If deprivation of touch is a form of abuse, then of course touch is wholesome and beneficial. in Jane. In Jane Liedloff's masterpiece Continuum Concept: in Search of Happiness Lost, Leedloff mentioned living in the Brazilian jungle A "primitive" society, an Indian child of the Yequana tribe who lived a Stone Age life. These children have been held in their arms since childhood and have grown up without any violence at all. Lederoff spent two and a half years with the tribe, and she found that the children there willingly obeyed their elders, and the toddlers played together happily, never arguing or fighting. On the other hand, in our "modern" society, in the maternity ward, due to medical intervention, babies are often carried away from their mothers as soon as they are born. These isolated babies can only hear the cries of other newborn babies. Under the intimate hug, I cried until I fell asleep.

Here, the question I want to ask is: what is "touch" and why is it so important? If touch is just a physical contact, then the electric cradle and a swaying rabbit fur can meet the baby's need for touch. But I don't believe that the meaning of touch is only limited to physical contact. I believe that there should be a deeper meaning than mechanical touch. I believe that the real value of touch lies in the life energy and the love that comes with touching.

Dr. Norman. In a recent talk, Norman Shealy said, "I would like to see every baby who is born premature, sick, or with drug withdrawal symptoms healed by quantum touch therapy." I really believe it's just a matter of time.

Eleven Principles of Quantum Touch Therapy

"Love" is a vibration that communicates with all species regardless of yours and mine, works on all levels, and communicates our true nature. Love is the foundation of all healing, the core essence of life force.

Everyone is born with the ability to assist in healing. Healing is a skill that can be taught and enhanced with application. The healer's ability to transmit energy and heal disease becomes more powerful over time.

Energy moves with thought. Using thoughts and various meditations, the therapist creates a high-energy field and uses this field to surround the area being treated.

Resonance and mutual attraction cause the treated site to change its vibration and match the therapist's vibration. The therapist only needs to raise the resonance and maintain the new resonance.

No one can really heal someone else. The person who needs treatment is actually a self-healer. The therapist just maintains the resonance and allows the patient's body to heal itself; the therapist also gets self-healing from the course of treatment.

Trust in the healing process is important. Treatment may cause short-term pain or other uncomfortable symptoms, but these are all part of treatment. The workings of the vital force and healing process are complex and beyond our conception and understanding.

The energy follows the body's innate intelligence to perform the necessary healing, while the therapist focuses on "body intelligence" and "hunts down pain."

Breathing strengthens vitality. Combining breathing and meditation techniques at the same time can cause energy to be arranged in rows, just like a laser, which can increase the power several times.

Synergy refers to the simultaneous participation of several therapists in touch therapy.

The therapeutic effect can be achieved even from a distance, and the effect is quite good. Additionally, Quantum Touch can be easily and effectively combined with other healing modalities.

The ability to seek assistance and to be in touch with one's own spirituality, no matter what form the received ability takes, can give the therapy another level of power.

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