Parenting Wars
Parenting Wars

Does Parenting Teen/Young Adult Indigos Feel Unnerving at Times?

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Does Parenting Teen/Young Adult Indigos Feel Unnerving at Times?

Are you in the midst of a parenting change or transition with your Indigo/Sensitive/Empath child or Young Adult?

Have you noticed, whether your Indigo*Sensitive* Empath child is 10 or 35, that being the parent can have its days when it stretches you to your emotional limits? Do you ever wonder why?

Why can they seem to trigger you into worry or concern for their well-being, that keeps your head spinning and your gut wrenching?

Oh what to do?

When they are in their younger years and not an adult, then yes, we are responsible for their well-being, and assisting them in making decisions while guiding them into adulthood.

That's what parents "do" right?

But once they are adults, we as parents are more FREE right? Now they can walk their Path like we did. Yet it seems the world has changed, and our young adults have some tougher earth lessons to conquer than we did at an earlier age. Therefore they often live at home a little longer, or come back at some point for a "re-set."

As a wise elder woman said to me a few weeks ago, "if you think you are going to raise Your Kids like You were raised, think again. It's a different world now."

Heck I was 17 years old when I got on a plane... moved two provinces away, moved in with my sister and her roomies... started a job, and I was off and running in my new life.

Well that was then... this is now, and it's helpful to be aware and realize this. Projecting our past onto our children and their future isn't always a good fit.

So here's the thing, most parents of Indigo/Sensitive/Empath children often have some of these "highly sensitive" qualities within themselves. Although, our children are 100x more intuitive, sensitive, and aware than we were!

Many parents know there is a huge shift occurring on the planet, a shift in our "consciousness," and how we view and perceive the world around us is changing dramatically. These parents are aware their children are different in how they experience school differently, they learn differently, they are super smart and bright, yet don't necessarily "fit" into the conditioned society model of our "old world" school-work-job structures.

And then there is another group of parents who seem to avoid or deny their children's sensitivities, because they just do not know what to do! So they go with the theory, ahhh it'll all work itself out in the end... and sometimes... it doesn't. Ignorance is bliss isn't really helpful in this context.

There are all kinds of experiences going on simultaneously, and it's challenging to pigeon hole a group with descriptions, yet that's just our way of floundering around, trying to make sense of something, that doesn't make sense to our minds or how we lived as kids.

The reason it feels so unnerving for the parents that have some sensitivity in them, is because they can feel their children's despair, sadness, or anger. All those years of raising them to get through school, often comes to a head when going to college isn't really working out, and depression or other "challenges surface."

Or, their young adult works at a job, trade-skill or whatever, and things go smoothly, then a relationship or a health challenge pops up, and this brings them down the tube, and they begin re-looking at their life. I've seen this across the board, and across "borders." We are more alike than we think, and there are more highly sensitive kids out there than we may even imagine.

Or here's a common one for young men, they zone out on booze or pot or medical prescriptions, only to find out, that doesn't work either!

Some young adults just hide in their house, using the internet to engage in the world, as they cannot bare to go "out there in that conspiracy world" that is against us.

We can't blame them, they were born with a higher intuitive and sensing ability that is required for our evolution on planet earth. They are ahead of their time, and looking around them and they see "humans asleep at the wheel" and it's driving them crazy! So they either try to fit in, or zone out.

Unnerving is an understatement!

I will forever remember my mom's comment to me one day, as I must have been in the midst of a parent/child discrepancy. My kids were still quite young at this time, but she just looked, and in a kind, gentle voice, and a puzzled look in her eye, she calmly said "I don't know, our kids were never like that."

Say what? What is that suppose to mean? Great I thought, that helps a lot!

She was truly puzzled. Haha beautiful soul she was.

The only point I'd like to bring home here, is that our Indigo/Sensitive & empath children are here for a reason, and there is a reason why they act and behave differently than we did.

As was mentioned before... that was then... and this is NOW. It's not 1960 anymore, it's almost 2020, and things have changed. The earth is changing, and has changed, and we as humans on earth, have changed, and continue to evolve and shift with the times. That's just the way it is.

So how, you ask?

How do we help guide these young adults with such strong wills, deep inner integrity, toting a heart of gold, in a world that doesn't SEE that part of them?

Perhaps we can't SEE, because we are still running on the rat race wheel, and if we even think of slowing down to look at this, we could literally slip and fall flat on our face?

How do our children make their way now as young adults in structures and systems that actually just do not work in our "new world"?

I'd like to quote a mentor and friend I learned from, Ellie Drake... I remember the day I heard her say:

Awareness Precedes Action.

Now that we are aware, we can allow more space within us, knowing there is a Purpose to all of this, and that we simply require new ways, new eyes, and new ears, while we open to new possibilities, and handle things differently than in the past.

To not be afraid to step into our inner knowing, our intuition, our higher perspective, Universe, Guidance, whatever it is you as a parent know about your child, adult or otherwise, will indeed create the next step and the bridge, of what is required now to move forward?

Why is it Unnerving to Parent an Indigo-Sensitive-Empath child?

Because YOU Know your child better than anyone else.

Yet there are days when you get caught up in the emotion, or you push against their emotions, and either way, you feel helpless, or nauseated, or dizzy with confusion.

You have tried everything it seems, to no avail. All you want is harmony, not dis-harmony.

Then there are some parents who had high hopes, "oh it'll work itself out"... uhhhh oops, no it hasn't, and you find yourself face to face with yet another parenting test.

Sometimes we wonder, is it a Spiritual/Soul Quest or a test? That is the question.

This isn't about hover parenting or anything like that. This is about intuitive knowing, patience, love, and simply doing our best.

Elders, parents, young adults, perhaps it's simply time to bridge the gap, and it's an ENERGY Gap, it's a frequency, a vibrational gap. It helps us move from hate to love, from blame and shame to self-forgiveness. It moves us from fighting against, to standing together, while learning new ways to parent, new ways for education, new ways to communicate, new ways to work in the world, and new ways to be as a parent.

Can't you just hear Shakespeare? "To Be or Not To Be." That makes me laugh, an oldie that's for sure.

Is it coincidence or synchronicity that Aladin has been released this year?

Perhaps... just maybe...


I'm not talking fantasy here, I'm talking what if, it's up to us now, to create this whole new world, with these new perspectives and possibilities.

These kids are energetically wired for now, not "yesterday."

They run on high speed, and we are attempting to catch up to them. Think of hard-wired copper phone lines vs Fiber Optic high speed and wifi cell phones?

That's the energetic difference, it's huge!

So if you are in the midst of a parenting change and transition with your Indigo/Sensitive/Empath children or Young Adult, and you feel unnerved, it's ok. That part is totally normal.

Awareness precedes Action!

Here's a simple yet potent Action step you can take anywhere anytime...

  1. Breathe in deep through your nose, and exhale with sound 3x. This helps to move the energy, and gets you more grounded and connected to your own body again.
  2. Look outside your window, or better yet, go outside for five minutes. Listen to the birds sing intensely, or simply smell the summer grass or trees, or winter snow, and breathe what you see into your body. Look into nature, and allow her peaceful, grounded energy to infuse you so you can bring yourself into a tenderhearted, loving space for you, and allow that inner peace to infuse your body.
  3. Let your awareness be your new guide.
  4. Then, Ask—what's next for our highest good?

And the toughest one, Listen for an answer, in a subtle sign, a conversation you overhear, or a blog post that just happened to jump out at you, that you actually "felt" like reading, and that gave you a little lift up.

What if, becoming unnerved and unglued with emotion or concern, wasn't wrong? Then what?

Remember, you have the strength and warrior energy to handle this. Stay strong, stay true to your heart and gut, and wagons ho, move forward.

Love and Hugs...

Annette ~ AKA ~ The Conscious Cowgirl Coach in Canada.

Annette Ducharme Agabob The Conscious Cowgirl
Annette Ducharme Agabob The Conscious Cowgirl
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