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You Chose ?

By C S.Published 6 months ago 4 min read
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Everyday we do things without really thinking of them.

So I just stopped and put down a few of my everyday choices. That I do with out a lot of thought. Things we do because it is, the thing to do right?

Ok then let start with the weekend Saturday finally it is here. ah! Almost I waited all week for the day.

So no, need to set a 6:00 am alarm Yes! I get to sleep in. Oh yea that means I can stay up a little later tonight it Friday night of curse. Ah right then!

Drive to school and the daycare then, home make supper did dishes cleaned kitchen up, checked the fridge. For next few days shopping list. I write it down on the note pad stuck to the fridge door. Pull open one of the veg draws a rotted peach rolled around in the draw.

All crap ok empty out the draw wash it out put it back in the fridge. Continue on with store list ok done grab the list and a notebook my coupons hurry to couch to set in my favored spot. Oh crap too late kids and dogs are spread out there.

Well oh, the chair will work right ok then. So set down in the chair fill my lap with notebook coupons and the store list. About five mins in I reach for my glass of water. Oh jumping joey fat, it not there.

Sitting the hand full of coupons down in my lap I look over to the kids all is quite. They are all watching there TV show and the dogs are sleeping. Should I? Could I, na the young's is a bout to nod off. Letting out a shy well ok then. Gathered up the coupons and the note and notebook make a stack of them to set by chair on the corner of the stand.

Water cup in hand turning to leave kitchen 2 dogs and 3 kid are all standing in the doorway. What can we have for snacks. Were hungrily? I handed off snacks and drinks to the kids. They retreated to the living room both dog are sitting by the outside door. Setting my water cup down I open the door let the dogs outside. Hurry you two it's cold out. Finally they rush in the kitchen door.

Stop sit. Ok here stay ! Muddy feet wiped and hugs and kiss later. The floor needed wet mopped by the backdoor. Water for both dogs. Then the empty water bowl were rolling round the kitchen floor. A handful of paper towels later dried up water from the floor. Put empty bowls in the sink to wash next time I am up!

Shy let out a breath go back to the chair with both dogs under foot. As I turn to sit down into the chair one of the dogs got there first. Pushing the dog from the chair then both are jostling for the chair as I slide in to the seat. Pushing them both away a tail brushes the end table and oh you guessed it. The notebook, the grocery list and these lose coupons spilled to the floor.

Ok, ok I said then pointed both dog towards there beds bend down retrieved the grocery list the notebook then crawled around on my hands and knees plucking up coupons. Once more in the chair with only one complaint that I blocked the TV while I was plucking up the coupons. Notebook open update grocery list completed coupons clipped inside the notebook. Done!

Checking the time I realize I am late herding the children to bathroom to brush teeth and wash faces then change into there night clothes. Ok then Let move it, bedtime everyone as they gather there snack dish's and move to the kitchen.

A car drives in to the garage everything is dropped on in and around the sink. As one all 3 scramble to get to the stairs with the dogs on there heels. Head shake and move in to the kitchen sink for a wet paper towel maybe I can get the juice off the floor before the dogs get back up the stairs.

Fill the sink and wash the few dishes put them in the dry board. As the herd makes it back up the stairs. The man looks haggard and worn but smiling as they are all trying to gain his attention at once. Including the dogs weaving in an out of every ones feet.

After a few more minutes I try once move to heard them off to the bathroom and bed.

Ok stopping the story here if you have read it through. I want you to complete the next three lines or a paragraph. Have fun with it just imagen. What tomorrow will be like, makes me want to find and empty room and enjoy some me time.

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