Dear Mama.

A letter to my everyday hero.

Dear Mama.

Dear Mama,

You worked 10 hours a day as a food courier before this pandemic broke out. You tirelessly put your life on the line even before this viral virus; praying every time you jumped behind the wheel that the feeble Fiat would last just one more day. I didn’t need this illness to know just how much I appreciate you.

You were thanked by many for your underpaid efforts. Although the company never asked you to, you always cleaned yourself up before work, always spoke politely to the customers, and always made sure you protected their food. We would have frequent visits to the 99 Cent Store to buy plastic bags to put the customers’ food in. You would also grab an unholy amount of the small condiment packets, so the customers would never have to complain about a lack of them. And you never failed to provide the utmost customer service, even if they failed to show any appreciation for your time. When COVID-19 struck down on us, you did nothing different. In fact, you just began doing more. You wiped down your steering wheel after every work day. You started wearing an apron so you wouldn’t have to touch the door handles with your bare hands. You made sure you were as sanitary as possible.

You were also mistreated. People yelled at you. People didn’t pay you that much. Even at a time like this, they didn’t think that tipping any amount was necessary. You often took those $6 offers without a tip because you wanted to take every opportunity, and you’d drive 30 minutes to the restaurant and 30 minutes to their house. It was a hell for you, but you did it anyway because you had no other choice. And the compensation from the company? Well, there was none. In fact, your pay was reduced at times.

As a single mother, you raised me the best way you could. And even though you didn’t have to, you always made sure I was more than full so I would never starve. Even if you had to risk your life to go out and work for hours on end with a car that was about to give in. Even if you had to face those unappreciative customers to put food on our table. Even if you had to work for unprecedented hours for little pay.

You are my everyday hero.

Thank you for working so hard.


Your Daughter.

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