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Dads, 5 Things To Do With Your Toddler

by Mickey Aristeia 10 months ago in children · updated 10 months ago
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She wasn't even 1 yet lol

So you get your toddler on the weekends, or maybe a couple days a week. Maybe you split the week, do every other day, or every other weekend. Or maybe you are married and you see your toddler but you don’t know them like that. Whatever your situation I have 5 things you can do with your toddler when you have them. Using these 5 tips you can build trust and lay the foundation for a healthy lasting relationship with your toddler. The great thing about these tips is nothing cost more than $30. It will only cost you time. So no dropping them off to your mom or another family member because they are so young right now. Right now is the time to lay the foundation between you and your young child.

Indoor Playground / Soft Play

Indoor Playground and soft play helps with physical strength and health. Take them off the iPad and get them away from the tv. Most kids these days are glued to electronics and food that is no good for them. Places like these have obstacles, games and puzzles for your kid, all geared at developing their coordination and balance. Being sedentary at such a young age offers little to no benefits to them. Indoor playgrounds and soft play places offer your little mini me the opportunity for socialization and communication skills. I’m talking especially to the guys who have toddlers who aren’t in daycare yet, having your kid interact with other children is huge for their early development. Rarely have I taken Asha to a place like this and there wasn’t at least one kid for her to interact or play with. The absolutely best thing about indoor play grounds and soft play places is you can find spots where you can bring a child as young as 4 month old.

Take Them to A Foreign Playground

Now when I say a foreign playground I simply mean, one they have never been to before. There are literally hundreds of them, no matter where you live in the country. Use google, find two or three of them a few towns over. Make an adventure out of it, this requires constant talking to them. Let them you are going on a road trip (Be as grandiose as possible) This will only cost you gas money, just make sure you have a full tank. Feed them before you roll out and keep some snacks and juice in their bag. (I don’t care how uncool it is keep a backpack or some sort of diaper bag until your kid is fully potty trained!) This is better for the 2-4 year olds. The best thing about this is you can burn up a lot of time and they are absolutely sure to be snoring on the ride home.

Try Kid Museums

Most major cities in America have Children’s museums. The experience is magical for the little ones, and turn out to be pretty cool for us as well. Children’s Museums are another great way to talk your toddlers head off, and to get them to repeat after you. You can point out anything you see and make it a lesson, “This is a…,” or “You do ___ with this,” anything you can thing of on the fly. Children’s museums are usually an all day thing so they are great way to spend time with your toddler if you just have them for the day. That way they get two of the best things ever, fun, and your attention all day.

Make it Holiday Related

When I say holiday related, I mean use the time of year. Thats it. Think about it, if it’s fall, you have the pumpkin patch, and all sorts of Halloween themed events. The best resource for this type of fun with your toddler is your local library or community center. The events they usually host or promote are mostly free! Every month they have a calendar with all the events for the month on there. Remember everything you do with your toddler is an opportunity to build your bond with them. I believe moms build the lasting bonds with their children that we men can never imagine in the 9 months they carry, and our opportunity to build that lasting bond comes during those early developmental years, so it doesn’t matter what you do. Pick anything, they will love it.

A Simple Walk With the Stroller

Last, but not least, my personal favorite, a nice walk in the stroller. My daughters arrival was a bit of a whirlwind for me, I wasn’t ready and I had no idea what to do with her when I had her. Like what do you do when you get dropped off a 6 month year old and you got her for the rest of the weekend? I had no clue, and I was going crazy just sitting in the house with a baby. I think it was my sister who suggested I just put her in the stroller and take her for a walk. So I did, and so far it’s probably my favorite thing to do with my little one. I don’t push her in a stroller much anymore, she has a small bike that I push her in, but it’s something we do at all the time. My walks pushing her in the stroller from 6 months old has become our thing. Im telling you, your toddler will love it, and the awesome thing about it is you can go anywhere. Your toddler’s own imagination will take care of the rest. You can go on any walking trail, any park, your neighborhood, or the mall. There are also benefits for you too, its a great way to fight off the dad bod!


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