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by Toni Bennett 2 months ago in grief

I wish that I could have one more day with you

Daddy having a drink at Sue's

I can still remember when mummy told me that nanna had come for you, daddy as I was as heartbroken when nanna cam for you as I was when granddad and auntie Mary came for nanna.

I miss you and nanna very much. I wish that the stupid work coach that had messed up Peter's work hours hadn't done as it cost us to lose out on our last Christmas day with you.

We were both heartbroken as we didn't have the money to pay for our coach fares or anything. We were only just coping with the little money we had and the food from the foodbank we were getting.

What made it harder for us is that we were getting paid monthly, which was making it even more difficult for us to do things and to have enough money to buy things we needed.

Thanks to our former housing officer and the council, we had our payments changed to fortnightly payments instead of monthly, which has made it easier for us to budget our money better.

Peter has even managed to quit smoking as he's using an e-cig now and it's a lot cheaper than cigarettes tobacco he used to buy.

Your princess Melody is getting better with her walking, granddad as she can walk around at home and school unaided. Every time I ask Melody if she's showing off again she says "yeah".

Melody loves her little sister, Amelia to bits granddad as she's always giving Amelia kisses and cuddles and making her laugh.

Melody also has her own eye-gaze now as well granddad that she loves using as she can find and open the YouTube app and then she'll ask for "choochoos" as she loves trains.

Here's a shock for you, daddy, me and Peter have been together for 7 years and 3 months now daddy.

When nanna came for you, daddy, she came to me and she apologised to me for taking you before I had a chance to say "night night" to you. Nanna also gave me a cuddle as well as her apology.

I wish that I could see you and nanna one last time to give you both a kiss and cuddle, daddy as I love and miss you both so much.

Sophie's 18 now daddy. She'll be 19 in September. I just hope that she'll want to come and look for me as I love and miss Sophie so much daddy. I'm really glad that you and nanna are watching over Sophie for me and Lois for Rachel.

Sean's a dad now as well daddy as his fiancee, Becky gave birth to a little girl, Amelia.

Susan's a mum now as well daddy and she gave birth to a little girl either last June or July who she named Summer Marie.

Me and Susan actually got to see and speak to each other for a few mins last December as we bumped into each other in Wilkos when we were with our mums doing a bit of Christmas shopping.

Me and Peter are glad that the annoying lockdowns have finally been lifted as it means that we can finally travel as we are going to see Peter's family for two weeks a week on Sunday.

We were planning to go and see Peter's brother, Paul, but he's working all the time except for weekends, so we decided to go and see their mum, dad and sisters and nieces and nephews for the two weeks instead.

Toni Bennett
Toni Bennett
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Toni Bennett
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