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Creating a Positive Parenting Mindset

Embracing Patience and Presence

By Leanne ChicksenPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Creating a Positive Parenting Mindset
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Parenting is a beautiful journey filled with joy, challenges, and learning opportunities. One of the keys to successful parenting lies in developing a positive mindset that fosters patience and presence. In this article, we will explore the importance of cultivating these qualities and provide practical tips to help parents embrace patience and presence in their daily interactions with their children.

The Power of Patience

Patience is a virtue that can have a profound impact on the parent-child relationship. In our fast-paced world, it is easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated when things don't go as planned. However, by cultivating patience, parents can create a more harmonious and nurturing environment for their children.

First and foremost, patience allows parents to manage their own emotions effectively. When faced with challenging situations, taking a step back, and responding with calmness rather than reactiveness helps create a safe space for children to express themselves. It teaches them resilience and problem-solving skills, as they observe their parents handling difficulties with composure.

Furthermore, patience fosters better communication and understanding between parents and children. It allows parents to listen attentively to their children's thoughts and feelings without interrupting or rushing them. By giving children the time they need to express themselves fully, parents demonstrate respect and encourage open dialogue, strengthening the parent-child bond.

Cultivating Patience

Cultivating patience requires intentional effort. Here are a few strategies to help parents develop this essential quality:

Practice mindfulness

Engage in activities like meditation or deep breathing exercises to center yourself and become more aware of your emotions and reactions.

Set realistic expectations: Recognize that children will make mistakes and learn at their own pace. Adjust your expectations accordingly, embracing the process rather than focusing solely on the end result.

Take breaks: When feeling overwhelmed, allow yourself time to step away and recharge. This can help prevent impulsive reactions and enable you to respond to your child with patience and understanding.

Embracing Presence

Being present means giving your full attention to the present moment and the people around you. When parents embrace presence, they create a sense of security and connection for their children.

One way to practice presence is through active listening. Show genuine interest in what your child is saying by maintaining eye contact, nodding, and summarizing their words. By doing so, you demonstrate that their thoughts and feelings are important to you.

Another aspect of presence is quality time spent together. Create rituals, such as family meals or game nights, that provide opportunities for bonding and building memories. During these moments, put away distractions like smartphones and give your undivided attention to your child.

Practical Tips for Embracing Presence

Here are some practical tips to help parents embrace presence in their everyday lives:

Create technology-free zones

Designate specific areas or times in your home where devices are put aside, allowing for uninterrupted connection.

Practice gratitude

Encourage your child to share three things they are grateful for each day. This exercise promotes mindfulness and shifts the focus to positive aspects of life.

Engage in shared activities

Find hobbies or interests that you and your child can enjoy together. This shared experience strengthens your relationship and creates lasting memories.


Developing a positive parenting mindset that emphasizes patience and presence is crucial for nurturing a healthy parent-child relationship. By cultivating patience and practicing presence, parents create an environment that promotes emotional well-being, effective communication, and connection. Remember, it is an ongoing journey, and each day brings new opportunities to embrace these qualities and foster a positive atmosphere for your children to thrive.


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