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Could not forget that night

These were horrible days, I wish that never come into no one life.

By Kamran Mehmood Published 2 years ago 3 min read

It was a terrifying night and a frightening week, when she was in the mouth of death and our little angel had already left this world forever, for which we had all waited for 9 months, but everything was going fine, according to plan, and our routine checkup was going well, she was taking a well-balanced diet and exercising daily, but at the moment she felt very much pain and we rushed to hospital, unfortunately, these were Covid19 days, and everything, especially the hospital, was jam-packed and Other than Corona patients, patients in public hospitals were rejected. So we proceeded to a public hospital, but they did the same thing and refused to admit our patient, even though we were in a hurry. So we moved to the next hospital, but on the way, I heard a yell from my mother, and she was weeping and requesting to be rushed, and I felt awful as the driver, so we sped up our car and attempted to arrive on time.

But one is our choice, and the other is Allah's, therefore everything happened according to Allah's will. We arrived at the hospital, but when they saw our patient, they refused to accept her and stated they didn't have the facilities to treat such a patient since she had pregnancy cramps on the way and was completely unconscious at the time, she lost amniotic fluid, which is essential for birth. The medical personnel advised us to take her to the regional hospital, which had more facilities.

Without a doubt, the hospital in the capital has better facilities and outstanding professionals, but the problem is that it was distant from us and our position was bad at the time; both mom and kid were in danger if we did not act quickly, so we trusted in Allah and rushed them to that hospital. But who knows what will happen next? Same we were not, and the main danger awaited us on the road. We began our journey toward the hospital, and after barely half an hour, she had another fit, but this time it was more severe, and she became yellow and began breathing quickly as if it were her last We recited prayers and worried too much, and then she became unresponsive, and every twenty minutes she encountered that sort of condition, and we all lost hope for both of their lives. When things turn bad, who stops? Our car overheated on the road and we were forced to stay for 30 to 40 minutes, although we eventually arrived after this dreadful and worst sort of three-hour drive.

The hospital staff immediately took her to the emergency and started to give her treatment I stop outside and never can imagine what happened to me at that shocking time. After two to three hours of treatment and a long wait, I was praying with tears my mom came to me and told me that I lost my first baby and he could not able to survive, I burst with cry and hug my mom she told me don’t worry Allah almighty give you better but pray for your wife she is not out of danger I forgot my baby with this shocking news and rush to gynae ward she was the same condition as before. After a few hours of inspection, the doctor advised that we transfer her to ICU since she was unable to take oxygen on her own, the fits had practically injured every part of her body, and many things were not operating properly.

Doctors attempted to return the patient to normalcy in every way possible, but they appear to have failed. I became weak from running here and there for medicines, tests, and other medical and emergency equipment, and my inner big grief for my lost son who remained in this world for only a few minutes, and our relatives brought back home for final rituals, and here my wife grief eats me from within, and I forgot who I am? What exactly am I doing? I completely lost myself and my feet swallowed from running day and night, I haven't even had a restroom break in a couple of weeks, and I haven't eaten anything adequately for survival.

Almighty Allah's blessing after a half-month recovery, physicians indicated she was no longer in danger, and we breathed a sigh of relief and thanked God for his mercies. After a few days of additional treatment, the physicians permitted us to return the patient to her home. She is now OK, but any shocking news may put her back in the same predicament. She lost her sight in these awful events, but now there is a significant concern that everyone is aware of: what will we do when she asks about the baby? That's a story I'll tell you in the next article.


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    Kamran Mehmood Written by Kamran Mehmood

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