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Chen he, a good man, divorced and had an affair. Fortunately, what else do we have?

This drama is more popular than Wu Mei Niang, and Gao Leng he Yichen, played by Zhong Hanliang, has become the ultimate male god in every woman's heart. However, in private, Zhong Hanliang was so warm that he was nicknamed "Little Sun" by his fans.

By Aioryur Korif9Published 4 months ago 7 min read

"if that person ever appeared in the world, everyone else would make do with it, but I don't want to make do with it."

When he Yichen, dressed in a well-fitting suit, spoke this golden sentence in front of a well-known female anchor sister on the streets of Shanghai, many women in front of the TV were in a mess.

Big data speaks for itself.

On the night Chen he announced his divorce, the only one who could find a way out on the list of hot topics was "he Yichen and his wife getting married." in fact, only two points were revealed by Zhong Hanliang, and now even South Korean dramas are not filmed in this way. But even if such a dragonfly scratches the surface, it can still reach the top of the list, which shows the popularity of it. In moments, Zhong Hanliang is obsessed with the screen every day, from the girl in her teens to the mother of the girl in her 50s, even my sister can't help leaving a message backstage: why don't you write about Zhong Hanliang?

Why do Chinese women love Zhong Hanliang so much?

In Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "the daughter of the Sea", the little mermaid fell in love with the prince, but they were not of the same kind. The little mermaid found the witch and bought a pair of feet with unbearable pain, but this desperate bet did not bring her the love she imagined. The prince still chose the princess. On the morning of their wedding, the little mermaid became a foam on the sea. I particularly hated this fairy tale at that time, when I was less than 10 years old, I vaguely knew that the love instinct rejected cruelty and accepted beauty.

Liu Yu wrote an article called: just because you are just a woman. The core is: sensibility is a woman's weakness, and love is the product of sensibility. Compared with men, women spend far more time and energy on this than men. If this kind of self-injury can be reduced, women's work efficiency can be greatly increased.

This is why Mary Su TV series can still capture women after so many years.

"Why is my Sunshine silent" is still the story of two bossy presidents fighting for a girl and several spare tyres. The Internet president of a company that has been listed overseas, and a promising young Shanghai barrister, two-time male gods affectionately for a female photographer. One of my girlfriends said: every time I see Tang Yan wearing a wig and wearing a popular style on Taobao and acting opposite Zhong Hanliang, I feel that Zhong Hanliang is losing a lot of color this time. In the novel, the heroine is also a big graduate, the former mayor has a lot of money, and she has studied in the United States for seven years, but she is still played as a rookie in the workplace who has never seen the world before.

However, the procrastinating and unreasonable plot is still popular because it just makes up for the needs of women: about the ideal man and the ideal love.

When it comes to love, men and women are very different.

The man said: because she is beautiful. They love with vision and mind.

Women, on the other hand, love with feelings and emotions.

Why do you love it?

Because he stood in the sun, wearing a white shirt, smiling at me like a child.

Why do you love it?

Because he took a bath after playing basketball and walked next to me, his hair smelled like my favorite shampoo, and the sunset was just right that day.

Why do you love it?

Because he kissed me, the sweetness and faint smell of tobacco between his lips and teeth was never forgotten.

According to the differences in species evolution, the story of Cinderella and the overbearing CEO, the absolute possession of the female market, like Playboy and Aoi sola's absolute possession of the men's market, has always lasted for years. From Daoming Temple in "Meteor Garden" to Mo Shaoqian in "Qianshan Twilight Snow", to Yongzheng in "step by step", to he Yichen in "Why my Sheng is silent". These leading men are all very similar: handsome, with amazing family background or amazing IQ; rich, either born with the golden key or personal struggle has completed primitive accumulation; of course, there is also one of the most important commonalities: they do not pay attention to beauties all over the world. Ice face melts only to you, irrationality is only open to you, he is not as close to women as if he has extinguished human desire, but he has been guarding the cold kiln for you for many years. He is the male god that everyone looks up to, but when you send a text message, he is on call like a courier, no matter how ordinary, unbeautiful, bad-tempered and flawed you are.

Think with your toes: is this possible?

My girlfriend of a Zhong Hanliang fan said: look at my husband who is sleeping after watching the game, I think it's impossible, but it's because it's impossible that it makes people infatuated.

There are generally two people living in a woman's heart: a dignified white snake, a charismatic green snake, a big woman and a little Lori, a strong girl who works hard like a man during the day, and a little white rabbit who drinks too much in the dark night waiting for you to save. In the gap of this contradiction, sensibility is the biggest loophole for women. if you add the outlet of love, basically, there will be leaks everywhere. For a classic case, see Zhang ailing's Lust, caution. Had it not been for the sudden thought of "maybe he likes me" at the sight of the pigeon egg, Wang Jiazhi could have become a good killer who was famous for a moment, instead of the ghost he ordered to be shot the day after falling out with him the day before.

Zhong Hanliang played this loophole.

Zhong Hanliang made his debut in Hong Kong and became popular in the mainland in the past two years, which is well known and loved by many viewers. From "too late to say I love you" to "Why is my Sunshine silent", there are also breakthroughs in the movie "the afterlife". He seems to have a preservative face for 40 years, such as a day without a fat figure and appearance, few gossip, moderately low-key, making him the number one man. The lateral smile, the small gesture of rolling his eyes, and the gesture of forced kiss have all become signs that make a woman scream. Of course, the most handsome thing is the way he pulls out his wallet.

One night, Anhui Satellite TV had just finished broadcasting an episode of "Why my Sunshine is silent". When I switched to the variety show "Dancing with the Stars", I suddenly saw Zhong Hanliang as a judge. He spoke less proficient Putonghua and interacted skillfully with the contestants. At that moment, it seemed like space travel, just now that he Yichen disappeared, he quickly became a star: professional, meticulous.

Perhaps, what I love these years is not the actors themselves, but those roles: the fourth master, Mo Shaoqian, and why Sam are the overbearing presidents they have chased together in those years, which is impossible to have any more campus and youth, and the word that grows more and more ashamed to talk about as they get older: love.

But come to think of it, what's there to be ashamed of? Always give yourself a little freedom to dream and the right to be crazy, and then the next day, those who are full of chicken blood will do what they have to do.

In addition to keeping out the cold, the thick scarf is worn by Zhong Hanliang in fashion.


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