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Can you tell the character of a small baby?

by Copperchaleu 2 months ago in humanity
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Just by observing the baby's behavior, you will also be able to see some of the child's innate character traits

The first thing you need to do is to have a look at your child's personality, and this is something you can say from a small baby. And we always like to compare the child's personality with the parents, so we often say "this child's personality with his father" or "with her mother" and so on.

So in everyday life, can a baby tell its personality? How can we determine the character of our children? The so-called character of how, very often according to the baby's usual behavior in response to making a judgment, and different character of the baby, they have different characteristics of some of the behavior in daily life.

Therefore, parents just by observing the baby's behavior, but also be able to see some of the child's innate personality characteristics: 1.


1, very quiet and crybaby

These two can be said to be the very obvious contrast, some small babies are usually quieter, fed, and changed diapers after not too much effort to take care, so the child's personality is more stable. But some babies are very fussy, parents often have to coax them, and can not leave a moment, so the baby's personality is more sensitive and lacks security.

2, sleep well and sleep less

From the sleep can also see whether the baby's character is rowdy, generally speaking, the character of the more quiet children, usually sleep is more stable, and usually, a sleep can sleep for a long time. But some baby personality is more lively jump, the quality of sleep is not high, always sleepless in the middle of the night to mess around, the mother has to be very difficult to coax them to sleep well.

3, love interaction and less response

From the baby's reaction to the outside world, you can also see the baby's personality traits, some small babies usually like to interact with people around them, meet strangers will often be amused, and rarely cry, so the baby's personality is more cheerful and outgoing. Some babies are less responsive to the things around them, and will even cry when they respond to stranger interaction, so the child's personality may be more introverted.

4, easy to attract and high concentration

Some children are born with a more active personality, so they have a natural curiosity about many things, attention is easily attracted to other things, a little movement he will react. But some children's personalities are naturally more focused and rarely disturbed by the outside world when doing a certain thing.

In terms of genetics, a child's personality is partly inherited from the parents, and this part is the child's innate character. But a person's character is plastic, and can change according to the environment, and in which the key point is the guidance and influence of parental behavior. So in the daily parenting process, which parental behavior will affect the development of the little one's personality?

1, give the child enough company: parental companionship is an important source of security for children, with enough time for parents to accompany the child's heart will gain enough stability and happiness. And in the process of parental interaction, the child's personality will gradually become cheerful and brave, so the company is the soil that nourishes the child's character.

2, timely satisfaction of the baby's needs: the biggest communication with parents during infancy is the expression and satisfaction of needs, needs can be met promptly, to a large extent, will also affect the child's sense of security acquisition. Therefore, when the child is crying, parents must go to coax the child in time to meet the needs of the child, so that the child's personality will become more stable.

3, to give guidance to the baby's behavior: the development of the child's character also lies in the early parental guidance and education of the child's behavior, in the face of the child's behavior and way of dealing with emotions, parents need to teach the child how to regulate and sort out their negative emotions while calming and stabilizing the child, slowly teach the child how to control their emotions, and then change some bad personality traits.

Important note: In daily life, we can understand the personality traits of a child through some behavioral responses, such as daily crying, sleep, and the child's interaction with people around him or her, as well as his or her concentration on things. The child's character can be shaped and cultivated through the environment later in life, and parents need to pay attention to their behavior guidance.


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