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Blood is thicker then water

long lost son

By stephanie cetoutePublished about a year ago 3 min read
Blood is thicker then water
Photo by Vania Medina on Unsplash

Robert was on his way to go to work when he see a young girl sitting across the road begging for money. He feels bad when he sees that. He stop the car and went to the young girl to give her some money. He left for his job.

When he returned back home, He was thinking about the young girl. He felt that he have to help her. The next day, he went in the same direction and see the girl. He approach her and asked her why she is not in school at that time.

At first, the young girl did not want to talk but Robert tell her you do not need to be afraid of me because I am here to help you. The young girl started to open up. She told him that she lived with her blind mother. There is nobody to take care of them. She has to come here to beg that she can have money to buy food for both of us.

Robert has tears in his eyes and asks the girl to show him where she lives. The young girl enter his car and went to their house. When they arrived, her mother feel the presence of Robert. Mother asks Robert what do you want? the young girl says, Mother, that is the man who give me some money yesterday. Mother says thank you to Robert.

Robert told the mother that from now on, He will help her and her daughter. Please do not send her on the road again. Robert give them money and left his phone number.

What were the best days for them? Robert sends the young girl back to school and Helps the mother to go to the eye doctor for proper check-ups. Robert finds out that the mother can see again. He pays for the operation.

Everything went well. Mother asked Robert why are you doing this for us. Robert says that he never had the opportunity to have a family. The way he grow up was really bad. That is why he had decided to take care of you and your daughter.

I see you as a mother. I guess you don t mind having a newly adopted son. Mother was laughing and said yes I am happy to call you my son. Since I met you, you change my life and my daughter also. I am really grateful.

The conversation continue, and the mother asked Robert what happen to his family. Robert told her that he was raised in an orphanage. They told me that my mother abandoned me on the step of the orphanage with a memo.

Take care of my baby and he had a birthmark on his leg. When he growing up, tell him that her mother loves him very much. I left a necklace to give him also to wear. That's all I know about my birth mother.

The mother feel bad and left without saying a word. Mother called Robert and asked him to come with the necklace if he feel comfortable. Robert says sure I will come tomorrow.

Robert come and show the necklace, the mother started to cry. Robert did not understand what is going on. Robert asks her what is happening. Mother replay that you are my son. Robert says how. She was raped and pregnant with him. Her parents threw her outside. She had no way to go. She was homeless when she was put to bed. She had decided to left the baby on the step of the orphanage. Since then, her life is not been the same.

Robert can not believe it. He decided to get a DNA test. They are a match. Robert was happy to find her mother and her sister. Robert told her mother that blood is thicker than water.

Robert told her that the very first day he saw her young girl across the street, he felt a strong connection. That is why I came back for her to ask more questions.

Robert feels complete about this reunion. Always feel your gut when you have to do something.


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stephanie cetoute

My name is Stephanie. My passion is express myself by writing. Come and enjoy my story .Follow me on Instagram Kenley206 and Tik tok stephanie cetoute1.

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  • Rebecca Lynn Iveyabout a year ago

    Amazing story, I enjoyed it! <3

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