Better days

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Come on let’s go

Better days
Together in NJ

At the table on the right side are my nieces Carlita and Stayce and their mom, my oldest sister Cherry. On the left side me and my sister Clara.

Every year my sisters, Cherry and Clara and my nieces, Carlita and Stayce, go on a trip to casinos. It’s our goal to go to the ten top casinos in the US.

So far we’ve traveled to the second and third casinos in Connecticut. The Mohegan Sun Casino and the Foxwoods Resorts Casino which are owned casino by Native American Tribes.

Foxwoods is actually 6 casinos and is the second largest casino in the US.

They were great casinos and I won a lot of money. Where we spent a week not at the more expensive hotel attached to the casino but one further away.

The Bellisimo Grande Hotel which was as grand as its name. Like an old southern place.

We’ve visited the fifth casino in NJ where we stayed at the Hard Rock. Casino hotel, which was Trumps old location. Food was very expensive and not that good. Locals told us about this restaurant and we had all our meals there.

The Rock and Roll Cafe. You know a small hole in the wall place with records on the wall and as place mats. But the food was amazing.

We’ve gone to WVA where the casino hotel overlooks the race track. In the morning the guys walk the horses. We would stand in various degrees of nakedness. One day one of my sisters asked,

“I wonder if they can see us.” I said no so she waved and they waved back. We laughed so hard we cried. And closed the curtains.

Then two years ago we traveled to Phoenix Arizona for a football game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Washington Redskins. ( which the skins won 🎉🎉🎉) of course while there we went to some of the local casinos.

The Arizona Casino is a very large ancient looking casino with decent food. And the Giva Desert Casino was a very fun place. Neither place really allowed us to win a lot of money.

In Arizona we stayed at a Hilton property. Cherry, Clara and I were joined by our cousin Geneva who we call GG.

This year on 2/13 we returned from a week in Vegas. Not our first trip but definitely one of our favorite places to visit. One of my nieces has a time share to a place 20 minutes from the Strip. This year we got to see the blue man group.

Of course we visited some of the best casinos in town, the Venitian and Ceasers. And of course we went down to old Vegas. The covered area at the end of the strip.

Our next trip is a family cruise in June.

I came home with a terrible cough which turned out to be pneumonia. I’ve been in the house since 2/17. Until today, 5/13, when the wife had made appointments for her, our two teenage sons and me to get antibody tested.

It May my birthday is the first and my sister Clara’s is the ninth. Every year for the past five we go to the Md Live casino for our May tee shirts. Then we call our older sister and nieces to come join us.

This is what I miss. Hanging out with my crew at the casino.

Sandra Austin
Sandra Austin
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