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Being a Mom

My Likes and Dislikes

By Lauren S.Published 6 years ago 3 min read

I first became a mom seven years ago when my older daughter was born. I also have a three-year-old daughter. I love watching my kids learn new things. I like watching my daughter sing and do gymnastics. I like how she helps her sister and does her hair for school. I like watching my little one start school and blossom there. I like watching her in dance class. Her singing and dancing are hysterical at home. I like how she coos over babies, even diaper commercials. I love my daughter's hugs and kisses. They are priceless. As are cuddles and when they say I love you. Cuddling with them in bed on the weekends is the best. I really like when their teachers tell me how well they are doing in school too. I love watching my little one vacuum and help with laundry. I like when my kids donate their toys before Christmas and their birthdays. I like shopping for little girl clothes and shoes too. When you have kids, holidays are a lot more fun. I especially like celebrating Christmas with my kids. Baking cookies and decorating our house are fun with them. The look on their faces Christmas morning opening their presents is priceless. I like taking my kids to the movies, we've seen some good ones together. Same with children's plays.

As a mom, I do have some dislikes. I did not like waking up twice a night to feed my newborn baby. Or, when my older daughter had acid reflux and would take an hour to have a bottle. I dislike when my kids are sick and up at night. The stomach bug and the mess that goes along with it (and the laundry) are awful. I dislike bathing my kids. I usually leave that job to my husband. I disliked toilet training so much. That's one of the worst things about parenting in my opinion. I dislike when my kids are arguing or when they ask me the same question twenty times. I really, really dislike waking up early to get them ready for school and hardly having any time to get myself ready. I dislike cleaning up constantly after my little one when she refuses to do it. I disliked leaving my three month old daughter to go back to work full-time. I hated leaving when she was sleeping so early in the morning. I dislike play dates at my house and making small talk with parents I barely know. I dislike bringing my kids to birthday parties where I barely know the parents. Especially if it's a long party, staying there is excruciating. Or having a birthday party for their friends almost every weekend is horrible. I don't like schlepping my kids all around. To school, dance classm and Girl Scouts. I don't like 9 AM dance class on a Saturday. I don't like mom cliques. One of the main reasons I pulled my daughter from an activity this year was because I couldn't deal with the mom clique in the group. If you are snobby and unfriendly, I don't have time for you. Same if you are joined at the hip with other moms. I dislike having to watch awful TV with my kids. Some of the shows on Disney Channel and the Barbie movies my daughter finds on You Tube are awful. I dislike JoJo Siwa and her hair bows. My older daughter is obsessed with her.

Overall, though, being a mom is one of my greatest achievements. I consider my daughters a major blessing and I love watching them grow up.


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Lauren S.

Former teacher, newspaper stringer, tutor, wife and mom.

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