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Being a first time mum with mental health

by Sherilyn Smith 7 months ago in parents

Its ok to talk about it!

Being a First Time Mum and Mental health

STOP. This is a safe place for you to stop for a minute and read. The words mental health are scary to admit and no one really likes to say they struggle with this but so many people do and I think it's a subject we all need to talk about more in a positive not a negative way.

Being a mum is difficult and challenging every single day on its own, but throw mental health into this and BOOM your overwhelmed and suddenly you seem like your drowning in your own head. I didnt know that I was suffering from Post Natal Depression until I hurt a lot of people but I think its really important to know the signs if its yourself or someone close to you or that you know.

During my pregnancy I felt very lonley and I think its the same for many mums, no one understands how your feeling as everyone is so different you end up crying over eating the last piece of chocolate or looking in the mirror and not reconising yourself anymore. Things can seem so silly but yet are such a big deal to you. It would be nice if your given a magic pill or magical handbook that makes it simple and easy but unfortuantly we just have to figure things our for ourselves. BUT that's okay because no one has everything figured out and if they do well they're probably lying.

So anyway, I then had my beautiful healthy little girl and being honest here.. when they first gave her to me I gave her straight to the father I couldnt handle it. I was ashamed to do so but I didnt do it because I didnt love her but because I was suffering from post traumatic stress from the birth I was feeling very overwhelmed and this is completely normal. I no they constantly say skin to skin once they arrive is so important and dont get me wrong it is! but you have to think about how your feeling also. Your build your bond when your ready. Its ok.

My family and friends didnt understand what was going on with me, well I didn't know myself. the midwife said that I have baby blues and this is very common after giving birth however I wasnt told that this could also be post natal depression and I lost control of my feelings. I got over emotional and felt like a complete failure of a mum. But I wasnt because is the baby happy? fed? clean? in a home? with someone who loves them so much? then your already wining at mum life. So GO YOU. We got this.

Never ever go through anything alone. Talk to someone. Its ok to not be ok.

Stay safe.

Sherilyn Smith
Sherilyn Smith
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Sherilyn Smith

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