Becoming A Mom

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Becoming A Mom

So my Fiance and I were kind of trying for a baby but not really at the same time. Whatever happens happens you know? But as soon as I found out that I was pregnant I obviously told him first. He was excited, I was excited it was just all around joy. It was a huge surprise to his parents, when I told my mom I thought she was going to faint. She has been waiting so long to be a grandma it's crazy. His parents are already grandparents but they were still excited. This was my moms first grand baby so I could see how she was ecstatic.

After I told my fiance about it I immediately sent my mom a picture of the pregnancy test. She cried of excitement! My fiance told his mom in text too, she likes to make shirts and stuff (shes pretty great at it). He said "Hey could you make a shirt for my girlfriend?" She said "possibly what kind?" and he sends her a picture that says "Baby up in this b*tch". That's exactly how he told his mom. She asked when I was due but I had just found out that very second, so I needed to make an appointment.

Finally made an appointment and I had to wait a solid 2 hours to see the Dr. (he's the only gyno in the area). Got into a room and had to wait another 30 minutes it was crazy and I was getting inpatient. I just wanted to know everything that was going to go on with my body. He finally comes in and explains to me everything. I mean everything. I didn't think being pregnant would be that scary. Turns out I was about 2 weeks pregnant or so. They told me my due date would be September 12th. My fiance made a horrible joke "wouldn't it be funny if she was born on the 11th" I'm like no that would be horrible.

I had terrible morning sickness and I mean TERRIBLE! I still went to work to earn that money though. I basically got paid to go to work and throw up in the bathroom, or the nearest trashcan. That went on for a couple months til I was in my second trimester then I just wanted to eat all of the time. Mainly pickles, cucumbers, ice cream, chocolate, and wendys chicken nuggets. I would dip the nuggets in my chocolate ice cream. The food I really couldn't stand was anything with buffalo sauce or had the smell of it. Every time I would smell it I would throw up. I work with food sometimes so that was the hardest thing. I would literally hold my breath just to make food that had buffalo in it.

So when my stomach was growing I was using some soap with cocoa butter in it. I never got a stretch mark on my stomach, just that weird line that forms from your belly button up. I still kinda have it and it's been 4 months since I had her. Not sure if it will ever go away? I'm not too concerned about it, doesn't bother me and doesn't seem to bother my fiance so whatever. He would rub my belly sometimes and when she would start to kick he would lay his head on my stomach and tell her to move over she had to share me.

My fiance went with me to the ultrasound. We got our first picture of our little girl. As soon as we came home he framed it. I cried. My hormones were all over the place. My 9 month journey with her was pretty great, besides the morning sickness. I went on leave the beginning of September that way we would have a week to get the house in order before she arrived. On the 10th I was home alone while my fiance was at work. I messaged him telling him I was feeling funny and I was having some contractions but not enough to be worried about. He worked with his brother who has been through this 3 times. He's like you need to go home and get her to the hospital.

So he comes home and tells me to get my stuff together, But I didn't want to go. I wasn't ready to have her mentally. He kept telling me to pack the hospital bag. So I finally did that but I was in the middle of eating a fudge round and having a glass of milk. I told him to at least wait til I was finished with that before we went, he listened surprisingly. So we got to the car and went to the hospital. I really really wanted chicken nuggets when we got there. He started a group chat with our families. They have never met each other and we have been together for about 2 in a half years. Almost everyone came to visit us while we were in there his family , my family. Our little girl had so much love already. (I did get those chicken nuggets by the way)

Well it was the next day of course it was 9/11 and the nurse came in to see how far dilated I was turns out I was 6cm. Then she accidentally broke my water. Things got real after that! My mom was holding my one leg and one of the nurses was holding the other, my fiance was up by my head (That's exactly where I wanted him). He was so supportive along with my mom. The nurse kept walking away from holding my leg when I wanted to push so that wasn't that great. My Dr. said that pushing could take up to 4 hours. I looked at my fiance and was like no way! I ended up pushing her out in 20 minutes. It was the most terrible 20 minutes of my life, I couldn't imagine it being hours.

Then I heard the cry of my new little baby girl. My fiance was crying, my mom was crying, then I got to hold her. I started to cry. She was the most beautiful baby (still is). I couldn't believe that I had pushed her out, that we created something so flawless. She stopped crying as soon as she got to lay on my chest. When I was all cleaned up and she was weighed and kinda clean, her daddy got to hold her. I literally couldn't stop crying when he was holding her. It was such a touching moment. Sometimes I still cry cause he is so cute with her. But he got it right, she was born on the 11th. We decided to name her Astrid because of his family genes. He's got some heathen in him and wanted to bring back the name. It means divinely beautiful and it's true. She is something else and we love her so much.

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