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Aliya and Magical Crystal


By Gull Maheen Published 2 months ago 3 min read

Once upon a time, there lived an eagle named Aliya in a distant timber. Arya has fulgent fur and eyes that glow like stars at night. His unique power and wisdom make him the autonomous of all the brutes of the Enchanted Forest. Arya has a deep connection to the timber. She constantly climbs the green hills and admires their beauty. The sky is truly miraculous. He wants to learn about the world outside his country and explore the unknown. One day, while gliding gracefully through the timber, Arya saw a strange light shining from a distant cave. He was impressed by the fascinating light and decided to find it. When she reached her cave the light dazed her, and Arya had no choice but to cover her eyes with her bodies. There are colorful monuments in the cave This was Aaliyah's favorite item because it showed her dancing beautifully. As Arya approached the face, she was startled by a roar coming from the cave. “ Hello, noble eagle. ”- She bruited in her voice. “ I am the guardian of the dishes and retain the ancient wisdom and secrets of the world. - I was waiting for you to come. Arya was shocked and did not know how to reply, she said. The china's guardian explains that the china has the power to grant any want, but warns that it should only be used for particular purposes. Arya is disaccorded between her conjurations her curiosity about the world outside her timber and her desire to cover her buddies. After careful consideration, Aria asked her guardian china to help her understand and communicate with people. She wants to learn about their life and partake in her wisdom on how to harmonize their world with nature. Crystal granted Aria's want with one touch. Arya suddenly transforms into an immature woman. Her golden hair turned into curls. Arya's new form allows her to adapt to society and study and understand the mortal world.> Through her newfound capacities, Alya sees the enormous impact humans have on the terrain. timbers are being destroyed, the air is defiled, and brutes are fading. With a heavy heart, Alia decided to use her bents to educate and raise her awareness of the significance of her conservation. He traveled from municipality to municipality, witching people with stories of mysterious circumstances and the significance of living harmoniously. People began to hear about Aaliyah and appreciate her wisdom and compassion. They learn the true meaning of the Enchanted Forest and how their lives affect the balance of the entire world. Aaliyah's harsh words prompted the townies to come together and covenant to stop the situation. Together they plant trees, clean water and educate future generations on the significance of guarding the terrain. Over time, Arya's words reached the cognizance of the most important leaders in the mortal world. Laws have been passed to cover timbers, brutes, and the terrain in general.> Just as people die to cover the Earth, we realize the verity and beauty of all life. Once Arya's quest was completed, the Crystal Guardian reappeared before her. “ You have done your duty, noble eagle. ” She praised Krystal dryly. “ Your dedication and wisdom changed the fate of two worlds. ” Arya is satisfied with her mortal form and returns to her true form. truly similar to an eagle. As a minister of nature, he takes to the skies with faith that his heritage will endure. thus, Arya continues to cover and rule the Enchanted Forest out of love and appreciation for their fellowship. It was created by people and nature.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great work! Very good! Well written! Fantastic and wonderful! Great job!

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