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7 Best Wedding Planning Tips

With these 7 wedding planning tips, you’re ready to pull your big day off without a hitch!

By Tess DiNapoliPublished 8 months ago 4 min read

Planning your own wedding? Hats off, brave soul. To support you in your courageous endeavor, this post offers 7 of the best wedding planning tips to help you pull off your wedding without a hitch.

Let’s review these key tips for DIY wedding planners to make mounting this benchmark event a little easier!

1. Don’t Be a Hero

This is the number one tip for DIY wedding planners because the excitement of a wedding can get the better of you. That’s when major items can slip between the cracks. Ask your Best Man or Maid of Honor to take on some of the details. Have planning meetings with everyone involved to keep everyone on the same page. When you factor in wedding planning burnout, being a hero doesn’t seem so glorious. Don’t flame out. Accept the help and ask for more!

PRO-TIP: Used to keep projects on track, the critical path is a timeline for tasks associated with realizing the end result. In your case, that’s all the nuts and bolts of planning your wedding!

Each task is accompanied with the name of the person responsible for completing it, a date on which it’s to be completed, and space for descriptions of the task’s status. This document provides a focal point for everyone involved in your planning efforts, keeping you all on track and avoiding the horror of crucial tasks falling through the cracks.

2. Custom Suits for the Groom and Groomsmen

Is there anything more forlorn than an off-the-rack suit at a wedding? Nothing fits properly, giving the groom’s party that “kid wearing his dad’s clothes” vibe. And that’s not swag.

Swag is getting a suit made-to-order, and custom-made to fit, elevating the wedding party to the sartorial heights every wedding should aspire to. When you get your wedding suits custom-made, you choose from hundreds of fine fabric options, getting the pristine look you seek for the groom’s party. Get those suits cut to perfection for a cohesive, seamless presentation.

3. The Right Caterer

Hiring a caterer is rife with peril, so don’t leave this key component of a memorable wedding until the last minute. Lock in your caterer early to ensure your guests are treated to an experience and not just some tired rubber chicken.

Whether your plan is to have food stations, a buffet, or a refined sit-down dinner, locking in the caterer who’s going to wow your guests with a great meal is one of the best moves you can make. The meal shared at a wedding should be about more than tipsy speeches. It should rise to the occasion of your nuptials.

4. Won’t Somebody Think of the Home Brew?

Alcohol represents a huge expense at weddings. But if you’re a home brewer, you can save a pile of money! What’s more, you’ll be treating your guests to something special. Add a home-printed label with the bride and groom’s names and wedding date to make your home brew even more fun.

Kriek is a Belgian style of fruit-flavored beer made with cherries. When you add cherry puree to your brew, something magical happens. And your beer-loving partygoers will remember it forever. Never mind that you’re saving a bundle while you’re doing it!

5. Get Registered

Registering your wedding or creating a wish list to direct your guests helps to prevent you from receiving multiples of the same gift. Your guests have a guide to your desires, so register or create a wish list to help them choose a gift that will be wanted, loved, and used as a part of your life like home decor items, gift hampers, photo frame or unique barware.

Getting married is a big deal, so if it’s a BBQ you’re after, it doesn’t hurt to drop a hint in receptive quarters. There’s nothing crass about making suggestions. In fact, friends and family might appreciate a hint!

6. Best Foot Forward

What if your entire wedding party showed up in mismatched footwear? It happens. Avoid this reality by selecting formal footwear for the wedding party as early as possible to ensure that the wedding party’s shoes don’t undermine the cohesive look you’re creating.

Be clear with your wedding party about your expectations, organize the footwear, and it will be worn, with not one grubby pair of tennis shoes in sight.

7. Two Little Rings That Mean So Much

The exchange of two deeply symbolic rings is one of the wedding ceremony’s most poignant moments. With those rings, you shall wed. Forever. And you have a clear idea of what you want to wear for the rest of your life to symbolize your eternal love.

As soon as your wedding date is set, the happy couple needs to get moving on the wedding rings, especially if they’re being designed and/or engraved. Choose a reputable jeweler you trust to produce those two little rings that mean so much.

With these 7 wedding planning tips, you’re ready to pull your big day off without a hitch! Here’s to an unforgettable wedding day!

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