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6 Best Steps To Maintain and Protect Baby’s Skin

Follow these steps to make sure your baby’s skin is protected and taken care of

By DaceyPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
6 Best Steps To Maintain and Protect Baby’s Skin
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Babies are delicate and so is their skin. It is therefore important to make sure that they get the best products whether it’s bathing or moisturizing and their skin is protected all the time. If you are looking for a brand that sells the best baby products, choose Mamearth. Mamaearth products for babies, Mamaearth baby bath products, Mamaearth baby care products are one of a kind. They are especially designed keeping in mind the requirements and needs of a baby and are totally chemical free.

Follow these steps to make sure your baby’s skin is protected and taken care of.

1. Keep your baby away from sunlight

You should minimise your baby's exposure to sunlight as much as possible. Even in the winter, try to keep their skin out of the sun when you take them outside. Keep your kid as much as possible in the shade. Put on a cap that protects your baby's neck and ears. Wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothes that cover your baby's arms and legs. Sun exposure should be limited between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when ultraviolet (UV) radiation is at its peak.

If you're going to be outside for more than a few minutes, make sure to keep your baby hydrated with breastmilk or sunscreen formula. Choose Mamaearth baby products such as Mamaearth Mineral based sunscreen to keep your baby protected from the sun. They advise against using sunscreen on newborns under 6 months old, but they do urge that older children wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15.

2. Moisturise the baby’s skin

Not all newborns require the use of a moisturiser. It is typical for newborns to acquire little patches of dry skin in the first few weeks after they arrive at their new home. These spots frequently disappear on their own, without the need for extra moisturizer. You can use petroleum-jelly-based products such as the Mamaearth Milky soft cream on your baby's dry or cracked skin. You may also use a moisturising lotion on your baby's skin if it is devoid of fragrances and colours, which might irritate his or her skin even more. Natural plant oils, such as olive, coconut, or sunflower seed oils, have been proposed as baby moisturisers, although there is some evidence that they may aggravate dry skin or eczema in children.

3. Be careful of the baby bath

Follow the finest newborn bathing procedures. You should give your infant baths on a regular basis, but not every day. You may keep their hands, face, genitals, and other body parts clean between baths by using a soft washcloth and lukewarm water. Washcloths, on the other hand, may cause more skin irritation and dryness in some circumstances. Always keep a firm grip on your kid and never let them unsupervised. Use lukewarm, not boiling, water. Bathe in a warm room and keep baths brief, between 5 and 10 minutes. Only use water to clean your baby's eyes and face. When bathing your baby's hair and body, use a fragrance- and dye-free baby soap. Choose Mamaearth Welcome Baby Essential Kit to have the best baby bath products including soft soaps to make sure their skin is cared for.

4. Protect your baby from dermatitis

Contact dermatitis indicates that your baby's skin has developed an allergic reaction to anything. It can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including red and inflamed skin or skin that is dry, cracked, and peeling. At-home cures and advice, such as the ones listed below, are frequently used in treatment. Avoid scratchy fabrics such as wool and dress your kid in loose-fitting garments. Use unscented and dye-free moisturisers on your baby's skin and give him a bath every day in lukewarm water until the rash goes away. If possible, avoid the chemical that produced the rash. Make sure your infant is not suffering from dermatitis.

5. Cut the baby nails

Even if your baby's nails are short and thin, they may be sharp. Long or sharp nails can cause scrapes on the face or body, so keep an eye on your baby's nails as they develop. Because infant nails develop fast, you may need to file or clip your baby's nails once a week or more. A non-metal nail file or a baby nail clipper can be used to gently smooth and trim the nails. It's best to clip or file your baby's nails while they're sleeping or very calm to avoid abrupt jerking motions that might cause damage.

6. Protect them from excess heat

If your infant feels overheated, he or she may develop a heat rash. It frequently occurs along skin creases or where clothing rubs against the skin. A heat rash appears as little red dots on the skin and is more evident in newborns with fair skin. Heat rash develops when sweat ducts get clogged. Sweat glands can get overworked or obstructed as a result of hot and humid conditions, oils, or other ointments, resulting in a rash. Keep your baby's skin cool and avoid using oil-based products while treating him or her. A cold bath or washcloth might help relieve itching and clean up the rash. If the rash does not improve within three days, you should call your baby's doctor.


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