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10 reasons why Vocal is making me a better writer

What I learned on Vocal by writing on site

By Anna cruzPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
10 reasons why Vocal is making me a better writer
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I've been writing on Vocal for about three months now, and I have about 34 stories so far. My writings are an eclectic mix of articles, stories, and poetry.

Before joining Vocal my writing had some issues with proper grammar. I tended to write run-on sentences a lot. On Vocal, I've learned to separate these run-on sentences into two sentences. As I self edit with writing aids for example Grammarly and Hemingway. I had two of my articles rejected although there was really no explanation other than that it didn't follow their writing guidelines. I had to go back to the drawing board and start again, so I rewrote it to get it approved and it was finally.

My writing is improving with Vocal.

1. The writing prompts for the challenges have really made me dig deep into my creativity. Although I did not win challenges, the subjects have made me think and create the story out of my imagination. The challenges really help you to be the most creative and adapt to writing about different subjects. When you write based on a prompt you are forced to be very original and creative in your content.

2. Helping me improve my craft of writing by practicing. Vocal allows you to write about any subject as long as it doesn't violate its writing guidelines like hate speech, for instance. The freedom to write articles, poems, and short stories. All you need is Imagination for the short stories and good research skills for the Articles. Creativity for writing poems.

3. Vocal has helped me write more persuasively, especially with articles where my point of view is projected. My opinion article where I argue how America is divided and what we can do to stop it is an example.

4. My research skills have improved for writing articles what makes a great mind? Does having money equal happiness? Two examples of my articles. My research enhanced my articles by incorporating data and facts related to the subject.

5. My writing skills on Vocal have improved by encouraging writing on my blog savingshouse.Blogspot.com. I had been writing on my blog on and off since 2008. I never really wrote consistently before I joined on Vocal. I write on my blog now more consistently as a way to practice my writing too. I write a niche blog about thrift store shopping and Thrift finds and reselling items on eBay too.

6. Encouraging freewriting as a form to brainstorm and cause a lack of writer's block. Free-writing is when you write freely and consistently without any outlines or organization. You write continuously and creatively. This is a good method to write then carefully edit and structure your writings before you send them to Vocal. You have to check for spelling and grammar errors before submitting to Vocal.

7. Vocal encourages you to think outside the box for stories. You don't have to write traditional stories that are predictable. You can write stories with twists and turns with an unpredictable ending.

8. Vocal encourages originality as they continue to encourage creators to create content. And to write as much as possible on the platform.

9. Vocal allows you to write on their site and still let you own the copyright to your writing so you can post it elsewhere.

10. If your article gets 1000 views or more you earn 3.80 per 1000 reads, if a member you can earn $6.00 per thousand reads. If you promote your own articles and get a lot of views the potential for good income is there. But you have to be good at SEO promotion too. To get articles read you have to promote good SEO tips to get writing seen on search engines. Vocal has social media buttons so that you can promote your articles on social media. The potential for good income is there based on the amount of work you put into self-promotion.

In summary, Vocal has helped me become a better writer because they allowed me to be free in my writings. I can write about anything and make money at it too. It allows you to practice your writings, and to free write your ideas on paper. Vocal encourages creators to continue to create on the platform. Vocal allows you to keep ownership of writing so you can use it on other sites. Vocal has helped me to improve my resource skills for article writing. Vocal allows original contents will be displayed. Vocal’s business model allows for the potential of a good income from writers. In my opinion, Vocal is a good company to write for and create for and I would recommend it for anyone.

Thank you for reading this article, if you enjoy this content please visit my profile page to read my other articles. Visit my blog at https://savingshouse.blogspot.com



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Anna cruz

I like writing short stories and poetry. I like to blog about thrifting and many other subjects. I hope you enjoy my writing. Read my blog at www.savingshouse.blogspot.com and visit my website at www.vintageoldtreasures.com

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