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Why There Is A Sudden Boom In The Digital Marketing Industry

Exploring The Impact of Technological Advancements and Consumer Behavior

By JohnPublished about a year ago 6 min read

To Start With, Let Us Understand What Digital Marketing Is:

The number of people using the internet is increasing by the minute. India contributes to about 13.6% of the internet users in the world. People spend the majority of their day online. A majority of the day-to-day activities are done online – primarily shopping. E-commerce has boomed, so offline marketing is slowly losing its sparkle.

The way business is carried on is changing; a part of every business is online. The marketing needs of such businesses have shifted online as well, leading to the advent of digital marketing. It helps you grow your audience without costing much.

Any form of advertising of goods and services over online channels such as websites, social media, search engines, SEO, email, and mobile apps is commonly known as digital marketing. Digital marketing is simply any advertising that utilises digital devices. It is a combination of marketing over the internet and feedback from the customer.

The digital marketing scene in India is continuously evolving. There have been many developments in this industry thanks to widespread information on the importance of a good digital marketing strategy for brands and the extensive use of digital devices. Digital Marketing agencies face the challenge of coming up with authentic and original content that makes them stand out from their competitors.

The Evolution of Digital Marketing over the Years:

1990 – Digital marketing was used for the first time in 1990. Internet usage first started around this time with the advent of Web 1.0. However, it was not in use as there weren’t many people using the internet back then.

1993 – The first ever clickable banner, or a PopUp as we now call it, was released. This was the turning point in the history of Digital marketing as many companies started using this strategy very soon.

1994-1998 – During this period, the first ever search engine, yahoo, was launched, followed by Google and Microsoft’s search engine MSN.

2002 – Social media sites slowly became part of the online world. People who had the internet started using MySpace and Orkut.

With the launch of the powerful Facebook this year, organisations slowly understood how they could use these social media platforms to their advantage. Marketing was never this easy.

2006 – 2018 – Many social media platforms, such as Instagram and LinkedIn, emerged during these years. Brands realised these platforms’ impact and slowly shifted some of their marketing strategies online.

2022 – Around 99% of the world is now using the internet, and digital marketing has become the major marketing strategy.

Why Is There A Sudden Boom In Digital Marketing?

When the pandemic struck, the way we lived life changed. Organisations had to come up with new ways to do business. Everything has shifted to the internet; marketing was one of the first. Proper advertising was crucial in educating people about the dos and don’ts during the pandemic, a large part of which was done online.

The lockdown put a major pause in the conduct of business. There has been a drastic shift from traditional marketing techniques to online marketing. As businesses started employing more digital marketing strategies, people became more interested and did most of their shopping online. The Covid-19 outbreak played a major role in the boom in the digital marketing industry. It was prevalent before, but the importance of digital marketing was heightened during this period. EchoVME Digital is one such digital marketing agency in chennai. They are a full-service digital marketing agency that offers a complete range of digital marketing services such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising, Content Creation, Website Design, Development, and much more.

According to the research, advertising on social media was the most effective way to implement your digital marketing strategies. Businesses saw a huge number of conversions through the social media platform.

What Are The Verticals In Digital Marketing?

There are a lot of tools and tactics that can be used in your digital marketing strategies. Each of these caters to a different set of audiences—it could be a business, an agency, or the end customers. Some of the verticals in the digital marketing space are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click – PPC
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Influencer Marketing
  • The Advantages of Digital Marketing over Offline Marketing:

Both online and offline marketing have their benefits. There are still some sectors where offline marketing works better than online marketing. However, with people getting more and more access to the internet, digital marketing is proving to be the more advantageous option of the two. Here are a few reasons why:

Economical—Digital marketing is the more economical choice. Traditional marketing can be too expensive, especially if it’s a small business. Businesses can better control how they allocate their budget when marketing online. There is also the freedom to modify your advertisement based on changing needs without additional costs.

Personalised Advertisement – many tools can be used to create personalised advertisements for customers. Everyone loves a personal touch, and a well-targeted advertisement has the possibility of a good number of converts. It is a good way to build customer relationships.

Measurement of efficiency—the efficiency of the advertisement can be easily measured. The number of clicks and conversions form a basis that determines whether the ad is being received well.

Where traditional marketing has geographical limitations, online marketing has a global outreach. The easiest way to create a global marketing campaign is by making it online. It can help you cut not only your marketing costs but also the cost of all the additional labour involved. Even if you’re a small business, you can be demanded globally, which is impossible through traditional marketing tools.

Different strategies Digital marketing allows you to employ multiple marketing strategies by customising campaigns for various online platforms. These campaigns are flexible and can be changed quickly to adapt to changes. There are many ways to get your product to reach prospective customers and benefit from it.

Digital Marketing Analytics – no organisation can function effectively without an analytics strategy. Digital marketing is no less. A good digital marketing analytics strategy allows you to measure the accuracy of your digital campaigns. It helps to determine what works best – to make optimised plans that give better results. This research is demanding and massive in scale. Data processing can be complicated due to the billions of options.

The Next Big Trends In Digital Marketing Are:

The techniques used in digital marketing have changed the way marketing is done. They have now become a requirement to identify prospective customers and attract and retain them. The top businesses worldwide are hopping in on these trends to keep their customer base growing.

  • Using machine learning to measure engagement.
  • Analytics on the video content on social media.
  • Transparency in the content created for digital marketing.
  • AI in Digital Marketing
  • Metaverse will become a digital marketer’s new playground.
  • Usage of Non-Fungible Tokens by Brands
  • Usage of data analytics to understand the customer better.
  • Responsive search ads.
  • Creating Answer based content
  • How To Choose The Right Digital Marketing Institute?

Digital marketing is becoming the next “Engineering” in India’s education sector, are at least ten institutes in every major city. The demand for education in the digital marketing sector is at an all-time high. Every business is on the hunt for digital marketers to take their marketing strategy to the next level. Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing a digital marketing institute.

  • Know your goal and be clear about what you expect from the course.
  • Ask for recommendations.
  • The course should offer certifications.
  • Reputation of the institute.
  • Assignment modules – whether you will be able to spend sufficient time on them.
  • The faculty at the institute
  • Time taken to complete the course.
  • Placements
  • The course should be worth the money you pay.
  • Online or offline training.
  • A proper analysis of all the above-mentioned factors will help you understand the various courses offered by the institutes in the market and choose the right one for you. Take your time to evaluate the courses and determine whether you get a sufficient return on your investment.

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