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Why School Isn't So Useful

by John Tasci 4 years ago in student

Facts You Never Knew About

School has been known to educate people and help them get to a good college and then advance in their future. You know your parents will most likely tell you to get good grades that will help you in the future to get a job. BUT...that isn't the right way to proceed in life. School doesn't prepare you for real life, but actually makes you "academically smart." These are things that you mostly don't need to know about. The world is changing rapidly, but school hasn't changed a bit. It's our time to shine and understand that just because you did good in school doesn't really mean anything.

Kids in school are usually close minded and follow the rules told to them by the teacher. School is straightforward and states the rules, but in real life rules aren't given to you straight forward and have to figure them out by ourselves.

About Me

I would like to introduce myself. My name is John Tasci, 13-year-old, and explaining why school system shouldn't be the way that it is. You might be thinking,"Why should I listen to a 13-year-old?" Well, mostly because I don't listen to what society tells me to do. Get good grades, go to a good college, and get a decent job. I don't want to live my life that way. I now have decided that I want to be a software developer. I think it's a great job to start with and to make a good company based upon what I create. So every day I have to wake up and go to these classes that I'm not interested in, nor do I think it will help me. The subjects I hate the worst are social studies, science, and language arts. My favorite subject is math. I don't really enjoy it, but I'm extremely good at it. That's why I'm an amazing problem solver. So now I start off my day in honors social studies. I get so bored and tired that I'm about to fall asleep. Teachers usually say we have to study this topic for the "tests." And that's all they say. Or, you need to know this in high school. So, we don't need it in real life. Let's get back to the topic; we always learn the same things every year in social studies and I remember 0.1% of it. All I know is George Washington was the first president of the USA. Yep, that's all I remember. That period is OK since I have my friends to talk with (mostly about sports). SCIENCE IS THE WORST CLASS EVER! My teacher is literally talking about genes for two weeks and I'm scribbling on my desk. The main reason is because at that time if I listen my brain is going to hold too much information that I don't want to know. I still Ace the tests without listening. My friends take these classes too seriously, which I think is a complete waste of time. Lastly, language arts, this subject is horrible. We are mostly learning about stuff that writers need to know about. 1. I don't want to be a writer. 2. NO ONE LIKES THIS SUBJECT! I have something called Google that can help me out. This is my story and thoughts. Hope you enjoy (:

From this video you might be thinking to yourself, "Wow they did bad in school and still became successful! I guess I should become 'dumber.' I will be more successful." Perfect plan right? NO! Just because you have a low GPA doesn't mean you will be successful. To be in the place you want to see yourself in the future, you have to be open-minded and stay committed to your goals. Most stuff you learn in school won't be kept in your head the next day after the test. The school system doesn't want to change the way of teaching. "I don't know why." Keep an open mind of what you want to be and see yourself in the future.

You can see that school doesn't have much of an effect on you except for depression and failure. Most people think they're a failure and won't accomplish anything, but A students get really frustrated and think it's going to be the end of the world. I am known as an A student, but I'm open-minded. I know what is going to come out of life and that it isn't going to be all sunshine and rainbows. I don't want to stay as a worker my whole life.

Many people seen from this video were unsuccessful people that had bad grades. No one would be judging them now, but I bet they were made fun of because of their grades. Not everyone learns the way everyone else does. Now everyone wants tips from them on how to become just like them.

Kids shouldn't be forced to memorize things that won't really be needed in the future. The one thing that bothers me the most is 1. Not allowing to use online resources 2. Taking tests for no reason. Not being allowed to use an online resource is a pain in the neck because according to the school system we need to pull information from books and write 10-page essays. It is 100% not the teacher's fault. This is what they were told to do. I bet at least 80% agree that school is useless. Standardized testing is also useless. Main reason is that it's mostly multiple choice cross out the ones that don't make sense and choose the one that makes the most sense. Easy, but useless. I usually forget everything I do the next day.

From this video, he really isn't telling you to not stay in school. He's just trying to say how much he has really learned from school. SPOILER ALERT: Nothing. He's telling us that if a subject isn't mandatory it shouldn't be an elective. We should have our own freedom to choose our own classes. Life is all about what career path you choose and your scheduling and everything else. Then you get out of college and you're like "What do I do now?" We really shouldn't be learning about stuff that we don't want to or need to learn.

As you can see this kid wasn't doing so good in school. His life was going out as a normal student, but then at 14 years old he got an invitation to go to a business competition to make an invention. One of his inventions was so good that someone told him that he could make this a real company. He was shocked. His lesson to people is that there aren't many open-minded people because of school. It is killing creativity to go to a certain path in life. He is going to go to college, but the thing that makes him special is that he thinks outside the box. Everyone's message should be heard and their point of view in life seen.

To Close It All Off

I'm a seventh grade student that thinks school is useless. Everyone can see it as a different way, but this is my personal opinion. We really don't need to learn about the things that they teach us. In conclusion, school systems should change the way they teach.


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