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Why is this the worst career advice?

What is the worst career advice you've ever received? Why?

By VHTCPublished 2 months ago 2 min read

No offense! Teaching is a noble profession, no doubt about that. But it is not what you think from the outside.

I am not ready to suffer from poverty throughout my life. There is no nobility in poverty.

After 20 years, you will give me an award - “Best Teacher of the Year”. (Actually, I got this award for two semesters.)

After many years, one student will come and say, “You are my inspiration, sir”.

Now, even the pension is cut for government employees in India.

To get a government position, money is involved.

Find out how these 5 pointers have changed now!

Now, what happened - After ignoring the advice?

Instead of teaching 50 students inside a classroom, I decided to train 5000 people in the outside world. I quit teaching and became a Content Writer. Later, an editor, a strategist, a trainer, etc.

At least 38 years, I would have taken to close my debts and loans, if I had been a teacher. Now, in 8 years, I closed all my debts. Pulled my family out of poverty. Planning to build a house for them. Got married, got a kid. Living happily with them, with no regrets.

Those awards don’t matter. Still… Best Talent of the Year, Best Idea of the Decade & Best Project in Asia. I got these and more in my tenure, after moving out of “Teaching.”

Instead of waiting for one student to tell me, now, 1000s of students tell me that statement: you are my inspiration, bro. (Not to brag. I am humble while typing this. Just stating how grave it would have been, If I had been a teacher all my life.)

Without any tension, and no big savings, I am still sure of the fact that I can live happily for the rest of my life.

I don’t need to bribe anyone. I don’t need to butter anyone. I will try to give my best at whatever work I do.

All because of that one decision: quit teaching.

Main Reason to Quit Teaching

Apart from all the financial and feasibility aspects, the top reason to quit teaching is the restrictions I had as an Assistant Professor:

There was a course. Interviewing skills - It's for Journalism students. (About how to interview others)

Instead of asking them a boring set of questions, I asked them to go and interview anyone from the campus and get back.

Some students interviewed the Principal, one guy interviewed me, some students interviewed other teachers, but one guy interviewed a Gardener. He made a unique presentation, starting with the Gardener’s passion for plants, his short journey and ending with Philosophy. I gave him the maximum marks. What's wrong with it?!

However, I was asked by the University to arrange another test, as it was not “quantitative” based on Indian testing patterns. With multiple choice, three etiquettes, four principles and five theories, I gave another test with a heart of sadness and a mind of madness.

We can't change the syllabus! I changed my career!

I quit teaching as a career, but I never stopped being a teacher.

Still, I teach and train for free, in my own way, for those who need it.

In India, the way we teach has evolved so much, thanks to smart classrooms and smarter teachers. But… what we teach and how we test didn’t change much.

I studied at an Autonomous institution. Maybe that’s why, I loved every minute I spent there.

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