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Why Google Penalized My Site ?

Why Google Penalized My Site ?

By Nityanshu RanawatPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Why Google Penalized My Site ?
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Why Google Penalized My Site ? When does Google penalize the website?

When Google brings an update, then it reviews the indexed article again, and when nothing is found in the article according to the update at the time of review, then it is penalized or put in the list of spam,

But Google never direct penalized, rather it first sends a mail or message to the website owner, so that you can solve it as soon as possible,

And if you do not make changes according to the rules given by Google, then after some time your website is penalized.

Google penalizes any website in two ways

Manual Action Manual Action

Algorithm Penalty Algorithm Penalty

Manual Action means that when we spam something in our site :-

For example, to add unnecessary links, or to redirect the visitor to another website by showing something else.

But in Algorithm Penalty, your website has a very bad effect, in which there are many reasons, which we are going to tell you in the article below.

Reason Your Website Penalized By Google

#1 Poor mobile website

Do you know that 80% of the traffic on your site comes only from mobile users, that is to say, optimize the website in such a way that it can easily open in mobile, even if it is in computer. It is not open but it is very important to be in mobile.

#2 Broken external links

Google says that you should keep all the links on your website up to date.

So that the user can get the right information, and if you do this, then it is a very good thing, otherwise your website will not be penalized, but the ranking may be down, so definitely take care of this.

#3 Missing the sitemap data

When we create a new site, Google only knows about the website and blog for one reason, and that is the sitemap.

This means to say that you should always keep your sitemap up to date, otherwise Google will never know what has been improved or changes have taken place in your site,

And one thing should be kept in mind that always make sitemap in xml form also, because google is able to read such data quickly, as well as SUMMIT SITEMAP in search console as soon as new post is posted.

4 Buying backlinks

There are many bloggers who buy high quality back-links to rank their site in less time.

Which is completely wrong in the eyes of Google, yes it is possible that after buying backlink, your post will rank, but after some time your website will also be down which you would not want,

So it is better that friends pay attention to the content and not the back-link.

Ranking the site by buying a back-link is a great thing, but it is only for the short term and not the long term.

#5 Duplicate content

Providing duplicate content is an illegal offense in the eyes of Google, and if you do so, the entire website along with the posts of your website can be hidden from the search engine,

So stop doing this kind of work, and it is better that you give quality content.

#6 Keyword stuffing

Doing keyword stuffing is to irritate the user in a way,

There are many new bloggers who use the same keywords over and over again, and use them even where they are not needed, which is called keyword stuffing.

So do not use keywords like this, it would be better if you do on page seo after writing the post, and do off page seo, Google will do the rest.

#7 Affiliate links all over the website

Who does not like to earn money by doing affiliate marketing, but when you start doing this work more than the limit, then in the eyes of the user and Google, you start looking like a marketer and not a blogger.

It means to say that you do affiliate marketing, but add only that much link, so that your site’s ranking, speed, and users are not affected by it.

#8 More H1 Tag Him

The h1 tag is like the title of the blog, so that we want to tell the user and Google what you will get to read in this post,

But in many cases it has been seen that the h1 tag is used two to three times, so that the ranking can be found quickly but it is not like that at all, it can also penalize your site, so use only one h1 tag

#9 Loading time is better 3 second

It is said that if your website opens within 3 seconds, then understand that your justice has been crossed,

But if your site does not open even within 3 to 7 seconds, then it can have a very bad effect on your site, like, day by day ranking down, traffic loss, and many more,

To say simple means that when Google brings your site to the first page, then it becomes your priority, that your site will open quickly and if it does not open, then it annoys the user, as well as Google.

#10 Hacked content

Google recently brought a minor update, which meant that you can no longer put hacking-related content on your website and blog.

And even if you enter by mistake, you may be told through mail, and if you ignore it, then the very next time the site may be penalized or even hidden from the search engine, so this Do take care of the matter.


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