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"When Sharks Swallow the Unbelievable"

Sharks: Fearsome Predators or Misunderstood Creatures?

By Safira RodriguesPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

Sharks have long held a reputation as some of the ocean's most terrifying creatures. With their sharp teeth, powerful bodies, and relentless hunting abilities, it's no wonder that they strike fear into the hearts of many. However, it might surprise you to learn that shark attacks on humans are actually quite rare. On average, only 108 shark attacks are reported each year, and of those, only a small number are fatal. To put it in perspective, you're more likely to get bitten by your pet dog than attacked by a shark.

But just because humans aren't their preferred prey doesn't mean these ocean predators won't take a bite out of something else that catches their attention. In fact, sharks have been known to investigate and sometimes nibble on various objects, even if they're inedible. Let's explore some intriguing stories that shed light on these underwater enigmas.

Ancient Shark Artifact: Imagine finding an unexpected treasure while preparing dinner. That's precisely what happened to Suseela Menon in 2012 in Klebang, Malaysia. As she was getting ready to cook shark meat, she discovered a 500-year-old pendant inside the shark's stomach. The pendant had historical significance, dating back to the Portuguese conquest of the Malacca state in the 16th century. It featured a profile of a woman's head, believed to be associated with Queen Elizabeth, and an inscription reading "ANTONII." Despite the pendant's potential value, Suseela hesitated to part with it, considering it a spiritual blessing.

Sharks vs. Internet Cables: Sharks have a strange habit of gnawing on underwater internet cables. Since the 1980s, numerous instances of sharks biting these cables have been reported, resulting in internet outages. Some theories suggest that sharks are attracted to the electromagnetic fields emitted by the cables due to their voltage sensors. Regardless of the reason, these peculiar attacks have prompted Google to protect its cables with tooth-resistant Kevlar.

Sharks vs. Cameras: Divers and underwater photographers sometimes have close encounters with sharks, and these encounters can lead to unexpected interactions. In some instances, sharks have shown interest in cameras and have taken nibbles out of them. One example occurred when a hammerhead shark investigated a GoPro camera in Bimini, Bahamas. While these interactions can be alarming, hammerhead sharks are generally harmless to divers. Another case involved a female sand tiger shark in a South Korean aquarium that decided to snack on a fellow dog shark, resulting in dramatic footage that went viral.

Sharks Eating Each Other: Sharks, like many predators, are not exempt from cannibalism. In certain situations, sharks have been observed consuming members of their own species. For instance, a sand tiger shark in Delaware devoured a smaller dogfish, and a sand tiger shark in a South Korean aquarium ate a smaller dog shark. These incidents, while gruesome, are not uncommon in the animal kingdom.

Sharks and Lionfish: In an effort to control the invasive lionfish population in the Western Atlantic, divers have been feeding dead lionfish to reef sharks. This strategy aims to teach sharks to associate lionfish with food and, in turn, help control lionfish numbers. While sharks are not affected by the lionfish's venomous spines, it's a fascinating example of how humans are trying to utilize sharks' natural behaviors to address ecological challenges.

In conclusion, while sharks have earned their reputation as formidable predators, they are not the mindless killing machines often portrayed in popular culture. These stories highlight the complex and sometimes surprising behaviors of sharks, showcasing their role in marine ecosystems and the ongoing efforts to coexist peacefully with these remarkable creatures. So, the next time you think of sharks, remember that there's more to them than meets the eye.

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