What Is Life Really Like After High School?

by Angel Allsop 2 years ago in high school

My Experience and Advice to You

What Is Life Really Like After High School?

High school is and was the most social part of my life. In high school, you were able to make friends in the matter of a couple seconds of entering a class. Some friends you make freshman year stick with you until senior year. But others move on to better or worse things. You think that life is difficult now, just wait. I know the last year of high school is stressful; having to apply for colleges, and the waiting for the acceptance, and working to pay your bills but it all works out eventually. That moment you walk across the stage at the end of senior year on graduation night, your entire life changes.

After graduation is when you enjoy the few weeks with all your friends before everyone goes off to start their new chapter in life. Some might have enlisted in the military and others go off to universities. Believe it or not, you don’t see half the people you graduated with like ever unless some people stayed home or went to the same college as you did. This is the time before college life starts and the stressing overwhelms your life.

The worst part is that it’s like starting all over again. You have to make new friends, pass your classes, and still try to have fun. College can be stressful but also lonely sometimes. It is completely different than high school. The best thing though is that there is no dress code and if it’s hot you can totally wear shorts and a tank top. Academically though can be pretty tough. Depending on what classes you are talking, it is a lot harder to comprehend than what you learned in high school. The professors are stricter but if you don’t care about passing the class some of them don’t care either. They are getting paid either way. The best way to get through your classes is by learning how to take good notes and have fun with it so that you don’t dread doing you homework.

Difference Between Community College and University

If you attend a community college first like I did, it is not too much different than high school. You go to class, get your work done, and go home. I haven’t made many friends my first year at the college because people aren’t really that social. People come to class to get their attendance, information, and assignment to just go home. It makes going more difficult because unless you are super eager to learn, you have no interest in actually going and showing up for your classes.

A university on the other hand I feel, is completely different. There are so many more people on a big campus like that, so there are a million people to talk to. If you happen to live on campus you will have a roommate and if it works out in your favor you both can become great friends. It is said that the friends you make in college could become lifelong friends.

My Advice to You:

Try and keep in touch with your true closest friends no matter how far you are after high school. Be open-minded about what you want to do and how you want to do things because as your life goes on things change. Never underestimate yourself because you can do all things with a positive mind. And don’t worry because more friends will come around. You finally get to be an adult and yes it might be tough at times but that is life. Don’t forget to start living and stop worrying so much, it only makes your life feel shorter and makes you unhappy. A pure genuine smile goes a long way.

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Angel Allsop
Angel Allsop
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