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What is a Penetration Test?

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By cyphershieldtechPublished about a year ago 3 min read

If you are a beginner, this article will help you to know what a Penetration Test is, also known by other names as Intrusion Test or Pentest. This is used to assess the security of a network. This is a comprehensive analysis of the network infrastructure to detect weaknesses where external attackers could exploit to gain unauthorized access to stored information. These tests are not limited to network security, but can also be applied to applications, operating systems, smartphones, and other devices.

Penetration testing is important to ensure that network security is properly configured and that users can be sure that their information is protected. These tests are useful for detecting vulnerabilities before outside attackers can take advantage of them.

Who performs penetration testing?

External contractors are normally used to carry out the tests. These contractors are often referred to as “ethical hackers” as they are hired to hack into a system with permission and to increase security.

Many ethical hackers are experienced developers with college degrees and certification for penetration testing. On the other hand, some of the best ethical hackers are self-taught. In fact, some are reformed cybercriminals, now using their expertise to help fix security flaws rather than attack. The best candidate to perform a penetration test can vary greatly depending on the target company and the type of penetration test they want to start.

Next, we show you the 5 different penetration tests that there are:

Open box penetration test.

Closed box penetration test.

Covert penetration test.

External penetration test.

Internal penetration test.

How do Penetration Tests work?

Penetration Testing consists of several phases. The first phase consists of an analysis of the network infrastructure. This means that the team responsible for conducting the test will verify all devices, applications and operating systems connected to the network. This phase also includes an analysis of the configuration of the devices to ensure that they are properly configured to ensure the security of the network.

Once the responsible team has made an analysis of the network infrastructure, they will proceed to carry out penetration tests. These tests usually consist of several steps, such as performing a vulnerability scan and port scanning. These tests allow the team to determine which devices, applications, and operating systems have weak points that are susceptible to unauthorized attacks.

Once the penetration tests have been completed, the responsible team can recommend improvement actions for the security of the network. These recommendations may include updating devices, implementing security best practices, or implementing additional security tools. These recommendations can help improve network security and prevent future unauthorized attacks.

In short, a Penetration Test is an important tool to ensure network security. These tests involve a thorough analysis of the network infrastructure, followed by vulnerability tests and port scans, to determine any weak points that could be exploited by an attacker. At the end of the test, the responsible team can recommend additional security measures to improve the security of the network.

What happens after a penetration test?

After completing the pentest, the ethical hacker will share his findings via a report with the company's security team. The information provided can be used to deploy security updates and mitigate any vulnerabilities discovered during testing. These enhancements may include rate limiting, new WAF rules and DDoS typing, as well as stricter form validations and sanitizations. Do not forget that the penetration test must be carried out at least once a year.

At cyphershield, we are specialists in Penetration Testing. We work with the best Hackers in the region to test your systems and find existing vulnerabilities. Do you need a penetration test or pentest? Contact us now for a smart contract audit.

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