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By cyphershieldtechPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Technological devices and networks evolve at great speed, so they need the programs they use to be updated and respond effectively to user demands. In this sense, Software Development is the activity that fulfills this job. Each project in this field must follow a series of steps that will be presented below.

As defined on the website of the computer multinational IBM , through the section “What is Software Development?” This practice “refers to a set of computing activities dedicated to the process of software creation, design, deployment and compatibility . ” It is a job that is mainly done by programmers, as well as developers and software engineers .

Stages of Software Development

Software Development services consist of several steps that must be followed and fulfilled to create computer programs that are efficient, secure and useful for users. This involves planning, carrying out and efficiently managing a project to execute it successfully and ensure that it meets the objective for which it was designed.

When faced with a new software project, the first thing to do is collect the necessary information to understand and document what users require and the problems it will effectively solve. Next, you must comply with the following stages of Software Development :


This first stage is essential because it determines the scope of the project, the risk analysis, the feasibility study, the duration, the cost estimate and the allocation of resources to each phase. Well-executed planning allows us to establish the foundations for success-oriented development.


Through this phase everything that is expected from the software is discovered . Therefore, an exhaustive investigation is carried out to reach a precise understanding of the requirements or characteristics that the program must have. In this way, the architecture or structure where it will operate is chosen or created.


Possible alternatives are explored, something that requires a lot of attention. All aspects of technological implementation are considered, such as hardware , language and network. All of this serves to present some process models, storyboards, prototypes, and even a design simulation.


It is the core stage of development, since it involves creating the code with the appropriate programming language to produce the software . To do this, you must correctly identify variables and their scope, create appropriate algorithms and data structures, ensure simple application logic, and document the code.


This phase is crucial because, before reaching the user, it is necessary to verify that the program executes the specified tasks. In addition, it is used to detect faults and analyze software performance . Although the custom software development services does his own testing, it is recommended that it be done by someone else as well.


It is about enabling the software for the user to use and thus resolve any problem or question that may arise. Previously, the environment must be planned considering the dependencies between the different elements that make up the program. To do this, it is analyzed that there are no compatibility problems.


Although it is believed that putting the software into practice is the end of the job, this is not the case. And it is essential to maintain, optimize and improve the program to eliminate detected errors, adapt new needs or add new functionalities. This means that frequent updates are required.


A documented record must be left of the entire process and each of the stages of the project, considering the modeling, diagrams, tests, the objective of possible corrections, usability and possible adaptations to the system. Also, the user manual and technical manual must be prepared.

Software components

Development projects take into account the various components of the software from the planning phase. It is a set of applications and programs designed to fulfill various functions. Each of those elements that make up the software is detailed below :

1. Operating software . It is a set of programs that a computer system has with which everything related to hardware can be managed , such as storage systems and the hard drive.

2. Programming language. Through them, the code is generated that allows establishing the instructions that the computers will execute, which must comply with syntactic rules, semantics and stipulated symbols.

3. Computer application. It is an instrument through which the user can do one or many different tasks with a high level of complexity, such as the spreadsheet, the database and the word processor.

4. Software packages . It is a compendium of programs distributed in a complementary way, since one does not require the intervention of the other to meet its specific objectives.

5. Driver . Also known as a device driver, it is a program that connects the operating software with peripheral elements, such as the camera, keyboard, printer or speakers.

Programmers and developers are in high demand globally, bringing strong technical skills and problem-solving skills in interacting with computers, tablets and smartphones. Therefore, they efficiently complete all stages of Software Development to create effective products.

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