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What are Strategies To Avoid Negative Marking in NDA Exam 2024

Strategies for Marking in NDA Exam

By Parmanu DefencePublished about a month ago 2 min read

NDA (National Defence Academy) provides 3 years of training to gentleman cadets who have passed their UPSC NDA exam. After completion of 3 years of training these cadets get an officer rank to serve the Defence Forces (Army, Navy, and Airforce).

The NDA exam consists of two sections one is Mathematics and the other one is General Ability Test (GAT). In Mathematics there are 120 questions and in GAT there are 150 questions which are from English and general knowledge.

Strategies To Avoid Negative Marking in NDA Exam 2024

Although there is no negative marking for unanswered questions, if a candidate selects a wrong option then one-third of the mark for a question will be deducted. In this context, we will discuss some major strategies that will help you to avoid negative marks in the NDA exam 2024.

1) Understanding Of Syllabus

For effective preparation, understanding of complete syllabus is very much essential for a candidate. Understanding everything in depth will help you in preparation as well as in the NDA exam. There are many websites and YouTube channels that can help you in these aspects.

2) Paying Attention To PYQs(Previous Year Questions)

You can check the previous year's question papers for a proper understanding of the pattern so that you can study subjects according to it. In addition, you can identify major topics to be covered and determine your strengths and weaknesses.

3) Time Management

Time management plays a crucial in the NDA exam. It is to be kept in mind that do the questions at first that seem easy to you and you know their answers and at last, do the remaining questions. Don't answer the questions that seem to be difficult for you as it leads to negative markings.

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4) Elimination Technique

The elimination technique cannot be used in every question. This technique is beneficial in English only as there is a need to eliminate 3 options out of 4 in vocab. You can check various sources such as YouTube, websites, etc. to enhance your eliminating skills.

5) Avoid Guesswork

If you do not know the answer to the question avoid marking it as it will lead to a negative marking. Guesswork is not a way to increase your marks, you can use the elimination method in some questions which seems to be easy.

6) Revise Answers

Before marking answers on the OMR sheet mark the answers on your question paper and revise it thoroughly so that all the marked options are right. A minor mistake can eliminate your name from the result pdf.

7) Seek Expert Guidance

If you want to prepare well for your NDA 2024 exam, you need expert guidance to prepare well. Parmanu Defence Academy offers a complete guide to Defence Aspirants so that they can clear their NDA exam. We provide comprehensive study material which includes mock tests, sectional quizzes, etc. that enhance your preparation. Also, we have a staff of experienced teachers who will help you to know the complete pattern of the NDA exam.


In the above context, we discussed the various strategies to avoid negative marks in the NDA exam. These strategies are very beneficial for an aspirant for their exam. Parmanu Defence Academy teaches candidates how to implement these strategies in various aspects during NDA coaching in Dehradun.


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