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Wake Up and Smell the Benefits: Why Coffee Is Your Secret Weapon for Health

Morning Magic: How Your Daily Cup of Coffee Boosts Your Well-Being

By Abeer AbbasPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

some really important reasons to drink coffee?

I'm not recommending large amounts of coffee, just one cup a day, because too much coffee can increased cortisol and adrenaline.

so why to drink coffee in the first place?

well, there's some different chemicals in the coffee itself, as well as this one chemical called caffeine, and the benefits of coffee come from both caffeine and these other chemicals. and just so you know caffeine is a Phyto chemical it comes from Plants, it's actually an insecticide and it's in 30 plants, but the question is how can an insecticide be good for us?

well sometimes a little poison or a little stress can actually create benefits in our body, so what is coffee really?

it's just a fermented Coffee Bean, that means that they're interacting with a microbe to enhance something about that food.

I want to talk about these other benefits other than the one that most people know:

1. caffeine inhibits a certain compound called adenosine 'that keeps us awake', it normally helps us go to sleep, it makes us tired, well by inhibiting that chemical caffeine will wake you up.

2. let's get into some of the other things that coffee can do for you it can give you mental acuity, it can help you focus it can actually help you actually even learn a little bit better.

3. it also speeds up the rate of metabolism.

4. it also helps your blood sugars especially if you add some MCT oil or butter to the coffee to make it Bulletproof Coffee.

5. there's some data that shows that it can decrease your risk of getting dementia and decrease certain symptoms related to Parkinson's disease and even Alzheimer's.

6. it has certain properties that can decrease your risk of getting gall stones and that's because it increases the production of bile and the flow of bile. also has properties to help prevent a kidney stone.

8.there's data to show that it has anti-cancer properties.

9. it has anti-inflammatory properties.

10. hepato-protection properties it's basically protection to your liver.

11.there's certain things in coffee like polyphenols that help feed your microbiome.

12. there's a condition called postural hypotension, basically you stand up and your blood pressure drops, you feel dizzy, coffee can help that.

13. coffee also helps with exercise performance, increasing cardiac output and delaying soreness in your muscles, because the neurotransmitters that it activates helps to vasodilate your lungs.

14. also coffee can help decrease the symptoms of being at a high altitude, and some people have problems with that, well coffee can help with it. may be due to its effect on the sympathetic nervous system, it activates it more than anything else which is really the strength of how you can adapt to stress.

15. coffee can increase mitochondrial biogenesis, now what is that?

basically, it increases the number of mitochondria in your body, so helps to give you more energy.

16. coffee also has the ability to increase stomach acid to help you digest.

now there's some other researchers about if you combine certain things with coffee, there's an enhanced effect, so for example:

  • if you combine alcohol with coffee apparently, you'll have less Jitters.
  • you'll feel less jittery if you smoke or take tobacco with coffee, apparently the nicotine helps clear out the caffeine a little faster.
  • if you take certain medications for a headache or pain, the caffeine can help enhance the benefits.
  • even birth control pills can extend the half-life of caffeine, which means that the caffeine will stay in your body longer if you're taking birth control pills.

now for those of you that decided that you're going to start drinking coffee, you probably need to know how to neutralize the side effects of coffee and I will tell you that the next time.


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Abeer Abbas

I am a doctor with plenty of luck, and I love of science and beauty.

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  • mary smith2 months ago

    Once consumed, caffeine is very quickly absorbed and distributed throughout your body, including to your brain. It's here that caffeine elicits its most classic effect — helping keep you alert and awake.

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